Signals That Suggest you Might be Suffering from Anxiety or Panic Disorder


Of course I am in no way condoning that you make a self diagnosis, as I strongly believe you should visit your doctor for a correct diagnosis. However I will show you a few warning signs that may signal that you have an Anxiety or Panic Disorder.

Firstly, these are a list of symptoms you may feel (but not limited to);

• Abdominal discomfort•Diarrhea

• Dry mouth•Rapid heartbeat or palpitations

• Tightness or pain in chest

• Shortness of breath

• Dizziness

• Frequent urination

• Difficulty swallowing/lump in throat

• Nausea

• Hot flushes or Chills

• Headaches

• Muscles tension/aches

• Fatigue

• Visual Disturbances

Psychological symptoms:

• Insomnia

• Irritability or anger

• Inability to concentrate / mind going blank

• Fear of madness


• Easily frightened

• Fear of dying

• Feeling on edge

• Lose of sex drive

You will usually feel a combination of a few of these symptoms at any one time. The most common symptoms of Anxiety & Panic Disorder being; racing heart/palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and fear of dying.

As you can see, from the large list of symptoms (and not limited to this list) it is extremely important that you have proper test run by your doctor, as these symptoms can be from a large variety of illnesses.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, your doctor will most likely run tests such as (but not limited to): Blood work, ECG – Holter Monitor – Echocardiogram (if you’re experiencing palpitations or chest pain), chest x-ray (especially with chest pain and shortness of breathe), he may want a urine sample and ultra-sounds (often with abdominal pain).

Questions you can also ask yourself (as your doctor will most likely ask you when you visit him);

Do you feel anxious before you feel these sensations?

Do you feel panicked?What stresses do you have in your life?

Anxiety and Panic Disorder can stem from many of things.

An example of some;

• Work stresses

• Family stresses

• Money worries

• School stresses

• Drug abuse

• Alcohol abuse

• Health issues

• A traumatic event from the past has resurfaced

Over a period of time, you find yourself obsessing over your health. Waiting on edge for every little pain or twitch you feel, and eventually it takes over and runs your life.

These sensations/pains that you are feeling can manifest itself into any shape or form. And some sufferers will seek comfort in drinking alcohol just for the sake of a few hours without the sensations and fears. These drinking binges usually contribute to the anxiety increasing the next day. Keeping the vicious cycle alive and prolonging your wellness.

Now the good news is, if you have been diagnosed with Anxiety & Panic Disorder, you’re obviously NOT dying of a deadly disease. Secondly, you can overcome this and regain control of your life. And it doesn’t consist of taking medication.

My doctor told me “Jo, you will never get well again without medication”. I proved my doctor wrong… I did get well, and it was without medication. And so can you!!!

If you think you might be developing an anxiety or Panic Disorder, go see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and start getting informed. The quicker you nip this on the butt the quicker you can get on with your day to day life. Instead of it being a constant battle.

A special note to the long term sufferers out there, once you over come this, you will be mentally much stronger then most of the people around you! You won’t take your health or your life for granted and you will live each moment to maximum.

Good Luck Joanne King –

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