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In the last article I discussed the concept of subliminal elements that can be included with self hypnosis cds. In this article, I want to describe a special type of subliminal persuasion, namely the whisper subliminal.

Duncan McColl developed the idea of whisper subliminals and I will leave it to his own words to describe how this came about.

“A whole new concept in subliminal healing evolved in 1990 in meeting an exceptional need for a cd to assist in a difficult childbirth case.

Meeting an exceptional challenge in 1992 produced another innovation in recording therapy: Whisper Subliminal.

Quite simply… the musical ‘screening’ is removed and the high-speed subliminal message is recorded at low volume. In using the recording, the volume is turned down so that the whisper becomes inaudible. The subliminal message is then received and implemented by the subconscious control levels of mind to the precise degree that it is beneficial to whoever is within normal hearing range…

The whisper subliminal recording can be played at anytime, including while driving, reading or watching television. The beneficial influence is apparent immediately.” Duncan McColl

The great benefit of a Whisper Subliminal recording is that you do not have to take time out to listen to it. You can just have it playing in the background and because the sound is turned down to below audibility it does not interfere with anything else you might be doing or concentrating on. It is a truly unique concept and a great asset to the person who wants to change but finds they have no time to do so.

On many of the Self Hypnosis cds authored by Duncan there is a Whisper Subliminal track to add to the choice of the listener.

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