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Sometimes, on a self hypnosis recording a subliminal element will be included to increase the power of that recording.

A subliminal element is something which according to Collins dictionary is “below the threshold of consciousness”. In other words, the listener is not aware of it consciously but the subconscious can be aware of it.

Previously subliminal persuasion was used to induce people to take a certain action or have a desire. For instance there used to a be a practice, now banned, of splicing in a picture of a hot dog or hamburger during the playing of a film at a cinema. The people watching the film would get the thought of a hot dog or hamburger in their mind, think that they must be hungry and then go and buy one. This practice is no longer used.

With regard to the use of subliminal influence in self hypnosis cds, it is used for positive and beneficial purposes. Verbalised suggestions are included which are below the audible level of the listener’s conscious mind but are picked up by the subconscious mind.

So a self confidence hypnosis cd may include subliminal suggestions such as “I am more confident…. I believe in myself etc”. These subliminal suggestions can be incorporated in a recording of music. The conscious mind hears pleasant music and the subconscious hears the music and also the subliminal suggestions too.

As the subconscious is the powerful part of our mind, the subliminal suggestions reach the part that has the most influence on our behaviour.

Duncan McColl developed something even more powerful than the ordinary subliminal. This will be the subject of the next article.

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