Self Hypnosis Cds : Self Confidence – Part 2


There are a number of aspects to heavy self-confidence. One aspect that can undermine confidence can be stress and anxiety.

People who carry excessive stress or anxiety or who become stressed very quickly and easily are unlikely to feel confident during those moments. The person who has the ability to remain calm and relaxed will be in a better position to feel more confident. With calmness comes a feeling of being in control and on top of matters. Therefore an important part of the foundation of healthy self confidence is being able to remain calm and relaxed in appropriate situations.

Many people look after their physical body but do not give enough thought to mental and emotional relaxation. Self-hypnosis, a process you can drive yourself or experience whilst listening to self-hypnosis cd, can really help. Self-hypnosis helps to release stress and replace it with a sense of calm. A specifically focussed self hypnosis cd, such as for self confidence can then add to the specific area of your life that you would like to change or enhance.

As well as giving positive suggestions for change, any effective self hypnosis recording will ask encourage you to change how you may have recorded as memories, past experiences that can affect your thinking today. If you accept the idea that we are the sum of our past, then changing negatively charged memories can help us to feel better about today. There are always lessons to be learnt from past experiences, good and bad, but once the lesson is learnt there is no need to carry the burden of that past experience.

Above all, and let’s face it with anything in life, taking responsibility for your ‘self’ is the number one aspect to grasp. For unless you take responsibility for what you do and how you are in this world, how can you change. Denial serves no one. Decide today to take responsibility for who and what you are. It is a powerful place to be and from it magic can happen.

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