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Any ailment or illness, no matter how major, can have a psychological element to it. Even the word ‘cancer’ is enough to give someone a feeling of anxiety which is in itself enough to prove the body and mind have an instant connection. In fact the body and mind and are not two separate entities. The body and mind are one, it is only for the sake of simplicity of understanding that we have labelled and thought of them as two separate parts.

If you accept that the mind and body can have a profound effect on each other then you will also be able to accept that if the body ails, then the mind has played a part in that ailing and can also play an important part in the body’s healing.

With this in mind the Cancel Cancer cds series were produced to help the mind release any part it has played in the origination of the cancer and also to have a positive effect on the body’s defence and immune systems.

One particular letter that Duncan McColl, author of the Cancel Cancer series has received says “Thank you for being the first person to allow me the dignity of discovering the healing resources within myself”

NOTE: Any use of the Cancel Cancer Self Hypnosis Cds should be considered as an extra option to conventional medical treatment and not as a substitute.

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