Pulling The Roots Of Disease


1) Take Your SupplementsFour Mountains has meticulously examined and tested more than onethousand nutritional supplement brands for quality and above all, clinicaleffectiveness. As it stands, one company, Standard Process Labs, is handsdown, the industry leader. Since 1929 Standard Process has beenmanufacturing an extensive line of whole food concentrates, includingprotomorphogen and cytosol extract technology. If you need to nutritionallysupport, detoxify, fortify, relax or mobilize any organ, system or tissuetype – Standard Process has a product that will safely do the job, and do itwell.

Most nutritional supplement companies use synthetic raw materials andonly fragments of incomplete nutrient complexes. Supplying the bodyfragments of inert nutrients is a poor substitute for nutrient complexes asfound in nature. We urge people to stop ingesting synthetic nutrients andconsume only the most pure and natural form of food concentrates.

At Four Mountains, we are of the opinion the optimal health is onlypossible by taking advantage of these unique nutritional formulas. Hard asit may be for the skeptic in you to believe, there is only one nutritionalsupplement company in the world that can be trusted. Of the thousands ofproducts we have tested, only Standard Process delivers the goods. Visitwww.standardprocess.com for detailed information, or call Four Mountains at1-800-736-0904 to request our FREE SUPPLEMENT GUIDE and for help withordering. You need this!

2) Low Stress Diet

Read hundreds of diet books and sort it all out for yourself, or callFour Mountains and we’ll send you a FREE COPY of THE LOW STRESS DIET – asummary of everything you’ll ever need to know about a healthy diet.

3) Yoga

Don’t mistake Yoga for a trend or fad, as it’s older than the hills andhas proven itself the world over as the most awesome of healing traditions.Heal every system, organ, nerve, gland, muscle and bone in your body. That’sthe power of yoga.

Get rid of a lot of tension and you’ll be like a new person after onlyone week. Of course that’s the quick fix. Do it for ninety days and you’llcure most diseases. Do it for two years and you’ll turn into the person youalways hoped you might become but didn’t know how to get there.

Give it a whirl. We enthusiastically recommend you study several yogasystems to derive maximum benefit and find your personal best routine. Startwith Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini and Somatic Yoga. If you explore just thosefour styles, you’ll be very well taken care of, and you’ll never have tolook any further.


1) Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation (SA/SR)

Face it. Your body is a lifelong responsibility. Therefore, if youintend to take care of it the way you should, a little knowledge isindispensable.

Your body is very much like a GARDEN. Neglect it and the roots ofdisease will take over and destroy it’s inherent design, health and beauty.However, tend it with the appropriate Wellness Tools and enjoy the health,beauty and vitality that is yours to enjoy.

For your Wellness Lifestyle to be effective, it will necessarily have toinclude some self-awareness and self-regulation in the following areas. Thisjust means that you need to think about these four areas every so often andmake sure that your doing a pretty good job keeping each area balanced.Imbalances in one or all of these four areas will have you running to adoctor, so the more you keep an eye on it yourself, the more self-reliantand healthier your GARDEN will become.

Think of your body and your health as involving four key areas. Theseare the four areas for which you are already responsible, whether you wantto be or not. Sounds harsh, but there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

a) Metabolic Self-Management

b) Nutritional Self-Management

c) Mental/Emotional Self-Management

d) Structural Self-Management

2) Turning the Wheel of Healing

The Wheel of Healing is the principle model for effective natural healthcare and healthy aging.

a) Detoxification

Reduce the body’s toxic load with wholistic interventions that support allthe channels of elimination and safely remove accumulated debris from yoursystem

b) Fortification

Achieve nutritional competence by furnishing the body with the essential rawmaterials needed for normal function.

c) Relaxation

Dispel biological distress with proven techniques and tools that removelayers of tension from the mind and body.

d) Mobilization

Cultivate vigorous circulation, powerful nerve force, balancedmusculoskeletal strength, and visceral health with daily therapeuticmovement and low-stress body alignment exercises.

3) Wellness Tools

As there are many and diverse ways to turn the Wheel of Healing, FourMountains has cataloged and innovated approximately eighty Wellness Toolsspecifically to facilitate these four vital processes. Our Wellness Toolsare the bricks and mortar of our Wellness Programs, designed to providemaximum care for your body’s twelve systems.

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