Prevention is a wonderful word that is too little
appreciated by people in North America and many other
countries. Just look at recent news.

Prevention applies to mega forest fires (controlled burns
in advance),Prevention Articles earthquakes (better construction in
California than Iran saved lives during similar levels of
earth tremors), and many diseases.

Unfortunately, the medical – pharmacology complex finds it
far more profitable to treat diseases with pills and
“procedures” (surgery), than to prevent them with good diet
and lifestyle practices.

Unfortunately, most of us prefer magic cures to taking
responsibility for our own health.

What is far worse is that many tests and surgeries are
popular, but actually do little for overall longevity.


CHOLESTEROL level in blood is easy to test, but is not the
whole story for heart attack and stroke. But pill pushers
love to sell drugs to reduce cholesterol levels.

Bypass Surgery is followed by new arterial blockage in only
a few years. Balloon angioplasty is less traumatic, less
expensive, and provides immediate results. More important is
the growing knowledge that diet can reduce, prevent, and
even reverse plaque build up that leads to blockage.

Various forms of diabetes and cancer can be prevented by
good choices in diet, without those expensive pills and
other treatments that are needed after disease symptoms
become obvious.

Of course, no one lives for ever, but good health practices
can result in long and active lives.

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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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