Powerful Medicine: Tango with Your Toast

Powerful Medicine: Tango with Your Toast


The Comic Zone contains much laughter. People in the Comic
Zone are infused with the spirit of laughter,Powerful Medicine: Tango with Your Toast Articles they have an aura
of smiles. They have high self-mirth. And that is good for those
inhabiting the Comic Zone because laughter has power.

Great power. Sacred power. Astounding power. We should
honor laughter and what it does for us. Laughter torpedoes
stress levels, accelerates learning, catapults creativity,
forges strong teams, and strengthens our health. It gives
us many gifts.

It is a magic potion, elixir of life and fountain of youth all
rolled up into one hearty hee-haw.


A study out of University of Maryland indicates that laughter
reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. A press release
about the study from the University said: “People with
heart disease were less likely to recognize humor or use
it to get out of uncomfortable situations. They generally
laughed less, even in positive situations and they displayed
more anger and hostility.”

“We know that exercising, not smoking and eating foods low
in saturated fat will reduce the risk of heart disease. Perhaps
regular, hearty laughter should be added to the list,” said Dr.
Miller, one of the researchers.

Dr. Miller talked about daily laughter going hand in hand with
other heart-healthy activities, such as stair climbing
instead of using the elevator. “We could perhaps read
something humorous or watch a funny video and try to find
ways to take ourselves less seriously.”

Dr. Miller added: “The recommendation for a healthy heart
may one day be — exercise, eat right and laugh a few
times a day.”

All right! Go, laughter!


Rise and shine. Your first few waking minutes can set the
tone, the mood, for the whole day.

What are you going to do to establish your day as one of
laughter? Well, laugh, of course. Do something outrageous.
Something you have NEVER done before.

Howl at the rising sun. Dance a jig with your toothbrush,
and let the toothbrush lead. Serenade your slippers. Skip out
to get the paper, and wave at any neighbors you see; ask them
to skip with you. Make a monkey face in the mirror.

Rumba with your razor. Tango with your toast. Look deep into
the eyes of your eggs and recite words of adoration and
egg-doration. Put your head under your sheet and blanket,
all the way to the foot of the bed, and pretend your are in a
fort of felicity. Sing a song in gibberish. Call someone and
start their day with your very favorite joke.

Jump rope with an invisible rope. Jump rope with your
pantyhose. Throw your pantyhose away. Put your underwear
in the freezer for a while before wearing it. Do jumping
jacks on your bed and bounce high, high, high.

Walk like a chicken as you cook your eggs. Snort like a pig
as you cook your bacon. When the toast pops up from the
toaster, pop up with it; try to hit the ceiling. Percolate with
your coffee and do the caffeine caper all over the
kitchen — all over the house. Have a conversation, as you
eat, with your silverware — out loud.

Just get wild and crazy. Laugh now and you’ll laugh later.
Laugh big. Laugh broad. Laugh bold.

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