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Do you know where the ‘power position’ is for your bed?
Did you know everyone who has ever slept in your bed
has left some of their energy there?

Your bedroom is the most important room in your house
and your bed is a crucial factor in the flow of energy
there. Your bedroom affects your health and well-being
more than any other room because you spend so much time
in it, and when you sleep you are more open to absorbing
the energy around you.

Place your bed in the ‘power’ position.
The bed’s position in relation to the door is the most
important consideration for creating a good flow of
energy in your bedroom.

1.The sleeper should have a clear view of the door
from their sleeping position. On the deepest level
we need to feel protected from unwanted surprises.
If this is not possible, you can restore good Feng
Shui by placing a mirror to give you a view of the

2.The bed should be as far from the door as
possible. Ideally it should be in the opposite
corner from the door. The farther you sleep from the
door and the more of the room you can see while in
bed, the more you will feel in control of your
environment and your life.

3.Your bed should not be in a direct line with the
doorway. If it is, the power of the energy coming
in the door towards your bed can create illness, or
can split a relationship if it runs up the center
of the bed. The worst situation is if your feet
point directly towards the door. If you cannot
avoid this, you can hang a metal wind chime halfway
between the door and bed. The sound of the chime
will deflect the rushing chi. Or you can hang a
faceted crystal over the foot of the bed.

Your bed holds the energy of anyone who has slept in
it. Here are a list of good times to buy a new bed,
linens and pillows:

1.You get married – create a fresh, powerful start

2.After the death of someone you share the bed
with – this will help you move on.

3.You move to a new house – if you want to leave
old energy behind.

4.If anyone sharing the bed experiences a major
sickness – this will support you in creating good
health and preventing illness.

5.A relationship ends – helps clear out old energy
and bring in the new.

Who are you sleeping with?
It is highly recommended not to buy a second hand bed.
This will be holding the energy of a previous owner
and all their bedmates! It can retain sexual energy,
emotions and illness.

By placing your bed in the ‘power’ position and knowing
who you’re sleeping with you have a better chance of
creating good health and romance in your life.

Vicky White

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