Play in School and kill Obesity


Childhood obesity should be tackled soon as parents are not doing enough to control it. Fast food joints near homes and schools do good business because parents find it an easier alternative to cooking at home.

Cheese burgers, sweetened soft drinks and french fries everyday make children fat and obese. What parents don’t understand is the seriousness of the disorder. Obesity endangers the life of your children. They live a shorter life and are easily a victim of diseases related to the heart, kidneys or lungs. In school, learning and playing Children spend most of their time in school during weekdays. So, encouraging more play in school can produce good results. It not only contains Obesity but helps personality development as well. Teachers can conduct awareness workshops and make children aware of the terrifying disorder called obesity. Introducing more games like basketball, soccer, tennis or hockey will make kids more active.

Promoting extra curricular activities is one of the best gifts a school can give its students. Workshops on healthy diets and food habits or interesting interactive sessions by doctors and students once a month will help them make changes in their daily routine. Also cheer them to promote healthy diet routine at home. Children like responsibilities. So they will make an effort to explain obesity and its disadvantages at home too. Getting fat in school

  • If your child has peers who love fatty foods, he will also follow them to have burgers or pizzas for lunch
  • Vending machines which provide sweetened soft drinks and juices add to the child’s high calorie intake
  • Ice creams they indulge in, which are bought from the school- close by shop
  • Inactivity, lazy to join a basketball or baseball team

The little we can do Before it’s too late to keep away your child or your student from falling into the obese list, save him by helping him come out of the unhealthy life he leads. Cut down television viewing at home. Also make an effort and cook healthy food for your child at home. Don’t keep him away from fatty foods, but give in moderation. In schools, keep colorful salads at the eatery. Children have a taste for vibrant colors. Constantly motivate them to participate in games and activities. Perhaps the little things you do might bring a big difference to many a child’s life.

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