Tharos Laboratories, Inc. introduces NYTEX™ Natural Sleep Supplement
with a powerful antioxidant ingredient, PROCIDIN™

BOSTON, MA—Tharos Laboratories, Inc. (TLI), a nutraceutical and phytochemical ingredient company, today announced the introduction of NYTEX™, an innovative sleep supplement that contains a fruit-derived antioxidant ingredient, PROCIDIN™ and additional ingredients that address all phases of sleep, promote daytime alertness, and have additional health benefits.

“Clinical studies have shown that antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress,” says Nikos Linardakis, M.D., founder and CEO of TLI. “During sleep, we want to oppose oxidative stress and rejuvenate the body. NYTEX™ is a ground-breaking product to help people attain optimal health during the most important cycle of life—their sleep cycle.”

“Sleep is a growing topic of interest, and the science of sleep has gained international attention over the last several years. Sleep deprivation has been known to contribute to health issues such as weight gain and problems with daytime alertness. Most recently, this important health issue merited the December 20th cover story of Time Magazine.” Says Norman Wainwright, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development for TLI.


NYTEX™ addresses all phases of sleep, including relaxation, sleep initiation, sleep maintenance, and rejuvenation of the body, leading to stable sleep architecture. By introducing the first sleep supplement with a natural antioxidant derived from fruits, NYTEX™ removes the catalysts of irritation and restlessness at bedtime, helping to achieve restful, calm sleep. Antioxidants support the immune system and help restore the body’s internal equilibrium by fighting off free radicals that are continually released through normal processes in the body. TLI’s PROCIDIN™ in NYTEX™, is unlike any other antioxidant on the market. It is extracted through intricate processes from wild blueberries and select varieties of grapes to create a highly concentrated antioxidant.

PROCIDIN™ contains proanythocyanidins, the natural phytochemicals that have been studied for their health benefits, and demonstrate a number of valuable properties:

•Maintains immune system health
•Promotes cardiovascular health
•Supports urinary tract health
•Provides antioxidant and neuroprotective support

“We see the antioxidant-enhanced NYTEX™ as a breakthrough product for the sleep health market. NYTEX™ is a great natural alternative as a first choice approach to restful sleep, without the use of prescription medications,” says Dr. Linardakis, who is also a physician and scientist, and worked with researchers at the Sleep & Behavior Medicine Institute of Chicago studying the phases of the sleep cycle.

PROCIDIN™ has been over a year in development, and NYTEX™ is the first supplement to introduce its blend of ingredients to the supplement market. NYTEX™ sleep supplement and the ingredient PROCIDIN™ were formulated by physicians who have researched sleep issues such as anxiety, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome/movement disorders, jet lag, insomnia, and pain related conditions. In addition to PROCIDIN™, NYTEX™, contains other natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that have been clinically shown to restore normal sleep patterns.

NYTEX™ also includes:
Melatonin—a hormone naturally released by the body’s pineal gland to promote deep, calm sleep and keep the circadian cycles in tune
Vitamin E—a powerful antioxidant vitamin shown to increase the efficiency of melatonin in aiding sleep
Suntheanine® amino acids—proven to help with relaxation and to restore restful sleep
Vitamin B complex—to help induce sleep and act as cofactors in important biochemical reactions in the body
Valerian root extract—a relaxant herb known to have calming effects on the nervous system

The right combination and proper dosage of each ingredient in NYTEX™ allows people to relax, fall asleep, sleep peacefully, and wake up feeling rejuvenated and not groggy. NYTEX™ can be taken for jet lag, irritation at bedtime, restlessness through the night, and to restore normal sleep patterns.

Tharos Laboratories, Inc. is launching a sleep educational campaign and advertising NYTEX™ through TV, radio, and magazines in 2005. NYTEX™ is available for purchase online at, through call centers (866-NYTEX-4-U), and at specialty retail stores nationwide. Dr. Nikos is available to speak on various issues relating to sleep. (i.e. sleep and diet, sleep and weight gain, sleep and stress). To request NYTEX™ product samples, photos, and additional information, please contact Rachel Clementi.

About Tharos Laboratories
Tharos Laboratories, Inc. is a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredient and retail finished product company focused on extracting naturally occurring phytochemical compounds derived from plant sources. TLI creates high-grade, physician formulated and effective nutritional supplements with clinically-recognized health benefits.
If you would like more information about Tharos Laboratories, Inc. and its Products, please contact Customer Service, Email:, visit, or call 1-781-793-9041.

Rachel Clementi
Tharos Laboratories, Inc.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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