Pain Needs More Than an Aspirin


People tend to interpret pain as a minor inconveniences,
unless it major pain: e.g. migraines.

Pain is not just some minor discomfort.
It is a messenger that something is wrong, that most
probably part of your health’s fabric has tears in it: it’s
missing nutrients.

And that’s why pain treatment must go beyond only
relieving it.
Treat the root cause.

Narcotic analgesics like Demerol, Percodan, and Codeine are
used to control severe pain by acting on the central
nervous system to alter the pain perception in the body.
But they don’t prevent the incidence of, for example,
migraines and they can cause intense physical dependency.

Side effects range from depression and disorientation to
severe vomiting and constipation.

Non-narcotic analgesics work by constricting the dilated
arteries in your brain. But they don’t do anything to prevent
pain from re-occuring.

Mend the tears in your body’s nutrition fabric: your immune
system. See why 100’s or 1000’s have gotten pain-free &
symptom-free lives back, even medically impossible
results. Research:

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