Origins of Obesity

Origins of Obesity

Obesity is a leading health problem in America. At least one third of American adults are obese. Obesity is defined as anyone whose body fat is above 25%.

A sedentary lifestyle and modern conveniences are the culprits that leads to obesity. Id days of old,Origins of Obesity Articles men and women both worked the land. Think about it – they churned butter, milked cows, chopped wood, bailed hay, dug wells, built their own homes, washed clothes on a scrub board, pumped water, and much more. In other words, the people of our American society were
physically active.

Today, everything is instant and convenient. We have couch potatoes and couch tomatoes with their remote controls and sweet and salty snacks.

At the end of the great depression of the 1930’s, many modern conveniences were introduced into our society to make our life easier. All for what? I’ll tell you, it’s so we don’t have to work so hard. All so we can take it easy. All so we can sit down and do nothing. We think all the labor saving devices are saving us time and effort. In reality, they are making us lazy.
In our laziness, our bodies are deteriorating, our muscles are diminishing, our bowels don’t function properly, we don’t think clearly, and we are more nervous than ever.

Even our jobs are sedentary. Secretaries and receptionists aren’t the only ones who sit all day long. Computer programmers and webmasters sit at their computers all day. Scientists and lab technologists sit in a lab all day. Other people who are sedentary on the job are researchers, authors, poets, artists, insurance agents, telemarketers, and telephone operators. And the list goes on and on.

We aren’t as active as our grandparents were when they were young. Therefore, we need to look for ways to be active.
Physical activity not only helps you to become a slimmer you, but also provides many health benefits. Walking should be your best friend.

Slimmer You is a lifestyle not a fad diet, nor a quick fix. Rather, it is a spiritual matter. It’s about changing habits and believing in your self.

What we eat and drink along with the level of physical activity is what determines whether you’ll be a slimmer you or not.

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