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Optimum health and functioning in any realm of our livesinvolves unimpeded or unobstructed flow plus transformation.Whether it’s in the Body Modality, the Mind, the Emotions, theSpirit/Energy, or the Overarch/Social Ecosystem, any blockagegives rise to illness and disease.

If we take the body as our main example, and the easiest one toillustrate, it’s quite clear that the idea of unobstructed flowapplies. The body’s elimination channels must always be un-obstructed to allow for the removal of toxins, free radicals,and waste. Any blockage in the elimination systems, whether inthe intestines, the bowels, the skin, results in illness anddisease. If there is a blockage in our arteries or veins, werisk suffering from stroke, heart attack, aneurisms, and thepossibility of death. So, in order to maintain Optimum healthin the body, all elimination channels absolutely must be flowingsmoothly without obstruction so that what comes in, can betransformed, and sent back out.

When we apply the same concept to the Modality of the Emotions,whatever comes in must go back out transformed. When an emotioncomes into the systems of the Self, it cannot set up shop. Ifit gets stuck, it creates illness and disease and begins to havea domino effect on all other Modalities. If anger enters thesystems of the Self and is not transformed and sent back outinto the world, it “eats away” at you. It literally acts likeacid to corrode the systems of the Self from the inside out.The same is true for other health-eroding emotions, especiallyif they are chronic. Chronic stress is by far, the leadingculprit in our current, hectic, and fast-paced North Americanculture.

In the Modality of the Mind, our thoughts must also be in con-tinuous motion. Our thoughts originate within our brains andcreate beliefs. They are the precursor to action and the germfrom which all of our actions are made manifest in this world.Our thoughts are the beginning of our actions. If our thoughtsget in the way of our actions and cause an obstruction in thatnatural flow of the energy-thought-action cycle, we are againfaced with dis/ease. We become prisoners of those thoughts andvictims of our own undoing. We literally get in our own way.Thought must be transformed into action, or a spiritual andemotional paralysis occurs. When this happens, the body fallsill, and all of the systems are fundamentally impacted.

In the Spirit/Energy Modality, the principle of flow is par-ticularly important. Much in the same way that the Body’ssystems must be smoothly transforming and eliminating; so too,must the energy systems of the body. The Chi energy in EasternMedicine and the Chakra centers of the Ayurvedic system all areabout the unobstructed flow of energy. Wherever there isblockage, there is illness and disease. And, since the body isthe physical manifestation of what is unseen, or intangible tous, such an obstruction always shows up in the body.

How does this play out in the Overarch, or the Social Ecosystem?Simple; since the micro is the macro, then what we do to ourSelves is what we do to our fellow beings, and to our planet andecosystem. Much of the waste that we are accumulating thesedays is not biodegradable and will sit in landfills forgenerations. Talk about blockage! This directly relates to thepesticides we are putting in our foods, the chemicals andhormones we feed our animals for slaughter, and the abundance of“synthetic” foods out there for mass consumption. Much of thesefoods sits in our systems for days, sometimes weeks on endbecause our bodies just don’t know how to digest it (i.e.transform it) and send it back out. Please note that in manyparts of the world where there is no running water or flushtoilets, people still go out into the field to relieve them-selves. This is a natural part of the earth’s ecosystem andcreates no blockages or obstructions whatsoever. Disposablediapers and plastics in our landfills is another issuesentirely.

In our specific, individual Overarches, this principle plays outin our finances. Money has to be a continuous flow. Wherethere is impeded flow or obstruction, there is economicdeterioration. This concept is beautifully articulated by LynneTwist in her book, The Soul of Money. Our relationship to moneyand to our finances has tremendous bearing on our overallOptimum health, wealth, and success. That is what this FifthModality is all about.

The entire planet and the laws of nature include the principleof motion. Everything is in motion; the winds, the gases, theclouds, the oceans, the seasons. Nothing stands still, andwhen it does, we have stagnation and death. Water in motion ishealth promoting and vital to our growth and survival; however,when water is still or stagnating, we have dead lakes which arenot capable of sustaining any type of life.

Striving for Optimum health in the body, without taking intoconsideration all of the other factors that contribute tooverall health, wealth, and success, is a brave but futileeffort. Make sure you have all of the information and tools youneed for your journey, lest you will find yourself exhausted andfrustrated long before you get to your desired destination.

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