New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Getting in shape and losing weight has been the most popular New
Years Resolution since they invented the calendar. The busiest
month for new memberships in any health club is always January.
If you page through any newspaper during the holiday season,New Years Resolutions Articles you
are bound to see several advertisements which capitalize on the
New Years Resolution obsession.

Sad Fact: 84% of the people who make this promise never follow


Because the majority of the people that make this promise have
not truly made the decision to get in shape.

Making The Decision

It took me over nine years to finally make the decision. At my
heaviest, I weighed 293 lbs. I must have told my wife 500 times,
“I’m going to get in shape, I’ll start on Monday”. Well, 500
Mondays came and went, I did absolutely nothing, and I was still
as big as a house! I finally made the decision standing naked in
front of the bathroom mirror. It was a scary sight. I couldn’t
believe how fat I was! When I was young, I was always in great
shape. After I got married I started working 70 hours a week,
didn’t find time to exercise, ate the wrong foods, drank too much
beer, and over a nine year period of time, gained about 100

I was sick and tired of the way I looked and felt, and the
negative effects that being obese was having on my life. Simple
everyday things like tying my shoes or climbing a flight of
stairs, were suddenly a challenge.

Getting in shape has a positive ripple effect into every aspect
of your life. When you look better, you feel better about
yourself. Your self-esteem and sense of dignity improve, your
relationships improve, you will have more energy and motivation
than you know what to do with. Most importantly, your health
returns and your quality of life improves. There is nothing more
important than your health: ignore it, and it will go away.

Do you want to get in shape, or do you need to get in shape.
There is a big difference. You have to need to get in shape. It
has to be your #1 priority. Get obsessed!

Who are the most important people in your life? Imagine that
they are kidnapped, and the ransom note addressed to you reads,
“You have 6 months to get in shape, and if you don’t, you’ll
never see them again!”

If you knew you were locked in a room with only 20 minutes of
oxygen left, you wouldn’t walk over, try the door once and then
give up. They’d find me slumped over in front of the door with
no finger nails left!

It’s amazing the feats you can accomplish if you need to. Do you
want to get in shape, or do you need to?

10 Tips For Lifelong Weight Management

You must respect the power that your eating and exercise habits
have on your health and appearance. We will provide you with the
skills and knowledge needed to change your attitude toward food
and exercise which will lead to lifelong weight management and
good health.

1. Eat Breakfast: necessary to jump start your metabolism
2. Smaller Main Meals: less stress on the digestive system
3. Snack: keeps your metabolism in high gear
4. Portion Control: it may not be what you’re eating, but more
likely how much
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables: loaded with stomach filling,
non-digested fiber
6. Eat when your hungry: not for other reasons; stress, boredom,
anger, etc.
7. Don’t focus on the scale: muscle weighs more than fat and
takes up less space
8. Don’t deprive yourself: taste your favorite “treats” on
9. Exercise: remarkably speeds up your metabolism and weight loss
10. Visualize Success: see yourself healthy and happy with your

Next month, one of the secrets we will share is how you can burn
up to three times as much fat every exercise session without
drugs or stimulants.

Remember, the best advice in the world is useless unless it is
applied. Action is the magic potion and secret for success. If
you haven’t already done so, make the decision and get started

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Losing weight will keep you healthy and have a long life. Cheer Up!

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