New Age for Walking Canes

New Age for Walking Canes

“Old,New Age for Walking Canes Articles looks old, looks aged, using a walking cane is only for the very old!” Well, I’m sure we have heard those disparaging terms for years. But times have changed and for the better, I might add! No longer must one use the standard “metal”, medicinal looking walking canes that have been around for what seems like forever. There is a whole new world of today’s mobility assistive devices that look like designer creations!

The beauty of a “Butterfly” offset, or the serenity cool colors of the “Canterbury” gives one the feeling they have truly added a designer fashion accessory and not just a “walking cane.” Happy colors tend to make the user feel happy…and that’s what life is all about…. isn’t it? The new fabric covered walking canes are oh so elegant. Select fabrics in tapestry, silk, and fine cottons allow individual taste to be expressed by even the most demanding. The colors and designs are endless!

The Walking cane has been around for centuries giving aid where needed, but typically categorizing those who utilized them in a “different” light. The unique designs of today’s modern aids gives prestige and esteem to this unique group of users. The various designed handles, range from a smooth lacquered wood to molded plastic. The orthopedic palm grip has been a lifesaver for those with arthritis. The unique curve of the handle allows most of the person’s weight to be distributed over the palm rather than fingers. These rather unique canes use to be rather clumsy and “boring,” but not any more. One can find these beautiful “friends” in “Champagne, Emerald, Midnight Black, and Marbleized” to name a few, and the list of colors goes on and on. There is even a folding Champagne with silver shaft that we call, “Hi, Ho, Silver”…. can you guess why? Might as well have a little humor attached, wouldn’t you agree?

The folding walking cane has given so much freedom to today’s users. The vibrant “today’s” colors include such selections as Lilac, Wildflower, Splash and Rainbow. Not only are the new colors bright, but very “cheery” as well! These helpful aids fold into a neat little package of approximately 11″. They fit snugly in a suitcase, purse, backpack and a zillion other places the standard 36″ cane will not go. NO longer must one choose from one color… “Black.” Most men and women’s walking canes have typically been segregated into “masculine” and “feminine.” Thank goodness for the ladies to have such a change! The bright new designs and colors are truly fashion accessories, yet useful and needed aids as well. The new designs for men are also considered fashion accessories with examples such as the “Brilliant Bronze” or the Matte “Midnight Black.” The palm grip canes of today offer different fashion tones for both men and ladies. There are even palm grip canes made for smaller hands, which is a wonderful addition for the smaller ladies.

The list could go on forever about the wonderful choices today’s walking cane users have. We all want to look our best, even when we must use a little “assistance.” So, why carry a medicinal looking cane when you can have a “beautiful, fashion accessory” as your walking friend? Yes, we are talking to you ladies! Let’s face it, you make choices when you are selecting earrings, rings or other jewelry. I would say that selecting a “fashion” cane is equal. You want to look your best, and why not?

So, my advice to you is…”Strut your stuff, Ladies”…. you deserve beauty and style every day of your lives!

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