Natural Treatment Options for Acne


While many focus upon the biological or medicinal side ofacne, there are many researchers who are trying to see ifthere might be a natural cure to this disease; a diseasewhich effects so many people.

One commonality that these researchers are finding is thatacne, although genetically passed on, can be controlledwith diet. Some scientists may disagree, but we’ve allheard the old adage, “what you put in is what you get out”.This may be true with acne; even in it’s most severe forms.

First and foremost, obesity has been thought as a majorfactor contributing to acne. With an obese person, there isan increased activity in the glands of the body, and thisincludes the glands below hair follicles, which produceoil. Losing weight and exercising each and every day mayhelp immensely. This requires no drugs, just self-controland willpower.

Diet is another major concern for naturalists striving fora cure. They are finding that a diet rich in vegetable andfruit helps significantly balance hormones that effectglands. Vegetables and fruit help keep the body inhomeostasis, or in balance.

The intake of fatty foods, such as Trans Fats, or thosemade from animal products (milk based products, i.e.margarine and even vegetable oils), also increases glandactivity in the body. There is a type of oil; however, thatmay be good at fighting against acne.

Omega-3 oils, commonly found in fish and sea animals, isnatural oil that is good for the body, especially for theskin. Other foods that contain oils, sugars, caffeine,carbonization and heavy amounts of salts, should be avoidedat all costs for sufferers of acne.

Zinc, a mineral gaining much popularity in the naturalworld for its medicinal qualities, helps fight the cloggingof pores that leads to acne. In the form of gluconate orsulfate, it helps the skin heal blemishes and helps tobalance hormonal activity.

Zinc has recently been found to be as effective asprescription strength tetracycline. Other vitamins,including vitamin A and B6 may help substantially inhormonal balance, resulting in clearer, healthier skin.

In any case, the positive effects seen from the uses ofnatural medications and a proper diet cannot be ignored.Even when compared to synthetic treatment options, naturalhealing with vitamins and minerals may help even the mostsevere cases.

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