Natural Remedies for Insomnia


No one really wants to rely on medication to help them sleep, so many are seeking out natural remedies that will help them sleep peacefully all night long.

There are some really wonderful and enjoyable ways for your mind and body to get the rest it needs.

Aromatherapy is known to help many people relax and sleep peacefully. Lavender oil is a great solution that can be used for relaxation. Just add a drop or two into a pot of water and boil. Then you can breath in the soothing and relaxing aroma.

If you can find a partner to give you a massage this can also help with insomnia. You need to have your body and mind in a state of relaxation before you ever crawl in your bed to go to sleep. You can find many books at your library on massaging and more specifically can teach you how to massage your stress and tension away.

Many people that suffer from insomnia agree that some herbs do help rid the body of stress and tension and give you a relaxing feeling. Some of the ways to use herbs for relaxation is: herb teas, tinctures, pillow stuffed with herbs, herbal bath and massage oil made of herbs. You can talk with someone at your local herb shop to learn which are best for relieving stress and helping with sleep.

For some people eating a large meal late in the evening can cause them to have a hard time falling asleep. So, do not eat a heavy meal full of fatty foods after 6pm. This may cure your insomnia if you usually enjoy your evening meal at a later time.

Exercise before going to bed can also help with those that suffer from insomnia. Mild exercise such as a walk around the neighborhood or yoga is the most recommended. You just want to be sleepy yet not exhausted.

Listening to quiet music or sounds that are relaxing can also help to put your mind and body into a relaxing state.

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