Natural Prescription for Eczema


– Identify food allergies and eliminate the offending foods from you diet. Eggs, milk, cheese, chocolate, peanuts, soy, potatoes, and the glutens in wheat are common allergenic foods. It will take four to six weeks for the results of an allergen-free diet to be observed, so be patient.

– Investigate the possibility of the food additive tartrazine contributing to the eczema and, if it does, eliminate it from the diet.

– Eat fatty fish like salmon, herring, and mackerel at least twice a week.

Some steps to relieve symptoms:

– Do not use hot water for bathing and showering: Use warm water.
– Use bath oil to soften skin. Use a nondrying soap substitute instead of soap
– Do not use over-the-counter ointments that contain benzocaine or antibiotics.
– Avoid lanolin in skin lotions, cosmetics, cleansers, and the like.
– Try to avoid temperature extremes and any activity that will involve excessive sweating.
– Aerobic exercise is beneficial to eczema and other skin ailments. Just be sure to take a warm shower after exercise to wash away sweat.
– Avoid any oily or greasy ointment that prevents skin from breathing.
– Try to wear cotton and other natural fibers next to your skin with the exception of wool, which you should avoid.
– As stress can exacerbate eczema, practice stress reduction techniques.

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