Native and Natural Relief


If it comes from the North American Native pharmacopoeia it is “old, proven” remedies.

If it is “natural” — read this “organic” — then it is safe to use.

If it is both “native” and “natural” then it meets all tests of “good products” and becomes very desirable.

In fact, North American made “native and natural” products are in great demand all round the world, in the Orient, in Europe, in many part of Africa, in parts of South America and all around North America.

If you are interested in “native and natural” products yourself, contact Windy or June through any of the web sites below.

If you are interested in “native and natural” products in order to start your own home based business the best place to start would be talking to Windy or June, or checking the resources provided at Healing Hand Network dot Com below.

Native and Natural is relatively meaningless if the products don’t do anything but take your money. The tonics and salves presented at Healing Hand Network have a proven track record dating back hundreds of years.

They do not work the same way, or bring the same degree of relief, to everyone who uses them. And in fact, in the case of the salves, many people find no relief at all, while a larger percentage find varying degrees to complete relief of conditions. Not all products are for all people, but there is one product which will likely work for you.

It is interesting to note that of the American Pharmacopoeia of 208 drugs, 192 of them are herbal-based products presently used in the drugs we take.

Healing Hand Network has A Native Herbal Reference available, post paid, for $35 USD anywhere in US and Canada, and for an extra $10 USD mailed to any other country. This book is an exhaustive detailing of the historical, modern and even the mythological uses of 21 of these herbs in the North American Native Pharmacopoeia.

However, one small word of caution here about herbs. What works one way for one person may well work a different way for another person and not at all for a third person. See Windy’s article on Natural hair Color Renewal for an example of this.

Contact Windy or June directly for specific additional herbal information.

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