Multivitamins for your children


Pre-schooling children are not like adults. They are more picky with food. Plus poorly prepared canteen food rarely provides them with the proper nutrition they need. This may lead to vitamin deficiency in children, a condition where their bodies loose out on important nutrients vital for proper growth and vitality.

To safeguard children against this, many parents supplement their children’s daily diet with multivitamin syrups. A good one should contain all the eight essential vitamins (vitamin A, 131, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E) important for healthy development.

Some multivitamin syrups even come with the extra benefit of cod liver oil, packed with health promoting properties for the hair, teeth, vision, nails, immunity, joints and bones. If you look around, quite a number are also flavoured with delicious cherry or orange juice for easier consumption.

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