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Microdermabrasion gives hope to people who have tried all the popular over-the-counter treatments to improve the condition of their skin. Potent acids provide the power behind microdebrasion. The acids are spread across the area needing treatment with a stream of pressure just strong enough to remove the top layer of the skin that contains dead skin cells. One of the benefits of using microdermabrasion is its simplicity. Instead of the heavy-duty equipment often used to perform other procedures with similar results, microdermabrasion equipment consists of only a few items that work together to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

The essential elements of microdermabrasion equipment include the acid crystals that are responsible for the actual removal of the dead skin, a hand-held device that holds the crystals, and a collection tank that holds the vacuumed dead skin. The pressure that is used to spray the crystals on the treatment area may seem to be extreme. However, the individual guiding the hand-held device is in complete control of the process. During the process the individual determines the amount of pressure to administer.

Microdermabrasion equipment included in a home microdermabrasion kit is similar to the equipment used in a salon except that the specialist in the salon is able to use more pressure and a higher concentration of acids. Since the equipment used influences the results, microdermabrasion equipment in a salon is far more superior and capable of producing more long-term effects than its home counterpart. However, a home microdermabrasion equipment is suitable for minor skin conditions such as fine lines, dull skin, and mild acne. In addition, the equipment included with a home system is much easier to maintain and costs a lot less.

Skin specialists who are interested in purchasing microdermabrasion equipment should take some time to research the products that are available on the market. Microdermabrasion has become a booming business and with such a demand there are usually some companies and individuals whose sole purpose in the business is to make a buck. When you are making the decision to purchase microdermabrasion equipment, first and foremost, make sure the equipment is offered by a reputable company that provides a warranty with its products. You should also compare prices. Microdermabrasion equipment can be expensive. For lower prices you should search the Internet for reputable sellers.

Another thing you can do when purchasing microdermabrasion equipment is to select standard equipment. Companies will try their best to sell you their new product offerings. Often these products have not been tested or inadequately tested. Don’t be a guinea pig. Use equipment that has been used with success by other skin specialists. In addition, make sure the crystals you use with the microdermabrasion equipment are acceptable for that system. Some equipment only works with certain crystals. If you use crystals for a system other than what is required, you could end up causing injury to a patient, your equipment, or both. Microdermabrasion equipment comes in contact with skin. The equipment you purchase should be able to be sterilized or the company should include replacement parts.

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