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Mesothelioma is as serious of a condition as any possible. Diagnosis usually precedes an extended and painful death. New technology for treating the disease provides some hope for the victims, but with the skyrocketing cost of medical care in America, most of these new treatments can only be used by the wealthiest of people. Still, treatments such as angiogenesis, gene therapy and photodynamic therapy provide the most hope for mesothelioma victims who don’t respond well to conventional treatment methods.

Hope is the most important aspect for victims of Mesothelioma. Hope provides strength and fighting a disease like mesothelioma requires an incredible amount of strength. Many victims draw strength from their families, or spiritual convictions, while others take stock of life of accomplishments and resolve themselves to preserver though their struggle. As long as these victims still have hope, their struggle against mesothelioma is never in vain.

Here is a true story from a mesothelioma victim.

At 42, I never thought that I would be facing a terminal illness, especially one relating to the lungs. I’ve never smoked and have lead a relatively healthy life. I have two beautiful daughters who will be heading to college soon – and I may not be alive to see their graduation.
I was actually thinking of my oldest daughter’s upcoming prom as I drove to my primary care doctor to discuss a reoccurring cough that I had had for the past few months. Three other visits had not resulted in any diagnosis; but when my doctor’s office called the previous day, they said I should go in to the office to discuss the next step.

As I left the office in a daze an hour later, I realized my life was changed forever. I had been given the devastating news that I had mesothelioma, a deadly form of cancer that is currently untreatable. I was in shock to learn a few weeks later that my disease was a result of doing my husband’s laundry when he returned from work each day as a carpenter. Facing huge medical expenses and a limited time with my family, I don’t know where to turn…

– Kathleen
Age 42

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