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How to meditate Meditation…to a lot of people sounds difficult but the secret is it’s really easy AND IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Don’t worry about any pre conceptions about needing to sit cross legged amid joystick smoke chanting some mysterious mantra; or trying to clear your mind when it’s totally crammed with the thoughts and worries we all face day to day.

Most people in my classes start off telling me they can’t meditate because their mind is too busy or they’re too active to relax etc. Yet within 20 minutes they’re there.

EVERYONE can meditate. Your body knows how to meditate; it’s just about knowing some simple steps to access the meditative state. And it SO EASY !

What is meditation

To be in the meditative state means to be free of outside influences, thoughts fears and worries; to tuned in to ones own energies and the energies around. To be perfectly centered, balanced and at peace.Meditation is not a state of mind, it’s a state of mind, body and soul in perfect harmony.

Modern life encourages us to separate thoughts from emotions and instinct from actions. It drives us to believe it’s what we think that makes us who we are and rules our lives. Sometimes we even believe that our emotions are somehow wrong, or that we shouldn’t think or feel a certain way. This is where stress, fear, worry and other negative energies creep in and gradually build up.

It’s a state where the three spheres of human existence, mind body and soul work separately, we become ‘scattered’.BUT; those three elements; mind body and soul are meant to work together and if we just give them a chance will come back into balance.

Remember a time when maybe you settled back and daydreamed on a warm beach or in front of a fire and felt at peace and at ease. This is the sort of feeling we get from being in meditation.

In order to start meditating;

1. Find a space where there are no distractions. Send the kids out, turn the TV off, whatever you need to do to create a quiet comfortable atmosphere.

Candles and incense help if you have them but if you haven’t don’t worry. Just make sure the lighting is not bright and then sit and get as comfortable as you can.

Always meditate in bare feet with your feet touching the ground.

2. Close your eyes and do nothingThoughts, ideas, worries will come and go. Let themDon’t feel you have to make any effort to clear your mind because you don’t; things will all happen naturally if you let go.

One way of letting go is to imagine sitting in busy traffic and all the other cars around each representing the daily challenges to be negotiated creating the daily pressures, worries and strains in your life.

Visualise pulling out of the traffic to the side of the road and sitting quietly watching the traffic go bye without worrying you anymore, as you are now a detached observer and not amidst the hustle and bustle.

Slowly the traffic will subside.

3. Just continue to sit and do nothing

Slowly your thoughts, feelings and your physical body will align and your energies will come into balance. Don’t worry about it happening it just will.

Enjoy the feeling of comfort; the lack of distraction. Sense how your heart feels, sense how your tummy feels ( these are two of the main energy centers or ‘chakras’ )

If they feel a little tense then visualize any stress just evaporating from them.

4. Allow your senses to wander and go wherever they like. Thoughts, ideas, feelings and sometimes even colors will flash past. Let them come and go and just be the detached observer.

5. Remember the last time you were sitting in the sun and how it felt with the sun on your body.

Visualise that white light all around you. Remember visualizations don’t need to be convincing, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, just imagine it.

Soak up that sunlight. Encourage the light to surround and fill your body.

6. Just sit and sink deeper into meditation, increasingly relaxing and attuning

Memorize the steps and try it. Don’t be a slave to the detail just remember the basics.

Give it time and you will find very quickly you are able to relax into the meditative state more and more quickly.

SOME SPECIFIC MEDITATIONS – simple energy work

i. When someone has hurt you

Many spiritual advisors will tell you to send unconditional love to those who hurt you. This is very true as it negates negative karma and releases them and you from it.

However those who can love unconditionally without feeling loss, anger, resentment are few and far between ! We are all human.

So here’s a meditation to help settle the negative karma and also help release loss, pain anger and resentment.

1. Go into meditation

2. Visualise the person who has caused the emotional pain you are feeling

3. Imagine saying to that person, you caused me pain and I forgive you but I still need to deal with the pain ( anger or resentment etc )

4. Visualise a HUGE wall between you and that person, as high and as wide as you can ‘see’

5. Visualise the pain and hurt they have caused you as objects on the ground in front of you. I usually see dark cloudy ‘blobs’ but however you want to see it is fine , or however it naturally appears to you.

6. Collect them all up and throw them over the wall.At the same time say to the other person in your own words…”I forgive you but this pain ( hurt anger etc ) does not belong to me.

This method is surprisingly powerful and karmically ‘cool’ with the universe as you didn’t cause the emotions you are feeling; so you release them and send them back to the source with love and forgiveness.

ii. To connect with someone to see how they feel about you

This is a simple yet powerful meditation

1. Go into meditation

2. Imagine yourself sat in a chair with another chair close opposite you

3. Visualise the person in question sitting in that chair with their eyes level to yours and look into their eyes.

4. Usually the look on their face, their general demeanor and any emotions you pick up will give you an indication how they are feeling about you.

iii. A daily protection ritual

Protection rituals are very important when we are psychically, emotionally or intuitively sensitive to other people’s energy and we don’t want to be effected by it.

For example, an angry boss, jealous co-workers or people who’s energy ‘drain’ us.

1. Go into meditation

2. Bring down a white light from above your head, through the top of your head and down the center of your body

3. See the light exit deep into the ground through your feet

4. Feel the flow of energy gradually charge your energy and the beam of light broaden until it extends one foot all around you

5. See the light change to gold as it forms a sphere of protection around you

iii. To protect yourself from a specific persons energy

If someone’s energy is disturbing you and you wish to protect yourself try the following;

1. Go into meditation

2. Visualise that person

3. Build a huge wall of pink quartz crystal between you

4. Imagine that wall growing wider and deeper until its so tall and wide you can’t‘ ‘see’ the edges.

5. Make the wall thicker and thicker

6. As it gets thicker visualize it pushing the other person back away from you

iv. To send healing, love and light to someone

1. Go into meditation

2. Visualise the person standing in front of you but not close, so you can their whole body and the space around them

3. Visualise a white light coming from above their heads and down through the center of their body and into the ground

4. As the light gets stronger see it grow wider and wider where it meets their body until it surrounds them in a glow

5. Let the white light turn blue, the healing color

6. Visualise their pain, aches, worries and any medical conditions soaking up the light and dissipating into nothing.

7. Finally let the light turn gold until it wraps then in a gold protective ball.

8. Say whatever words you feel you want to say to them

These are just a handful of the many meditations where we manipulate energy. They are very powerful, just try them and see.

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By Steve Gunn March 2005

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