Let Your Fingers Be Your Physician!

Let Your Fingers Be Your Physician!

Well,Let Your Fingers Be Your Physician! Articles your fingers can’t really be your physician
but could your fingernails be the diagnostician?

Some fingernail changes can be indicative of problems
within your body! Here are but a few indications that
may save your life and/or health!

Brittle soft and shiny nails without a moon at the base
is indicative of an overactive thyroid.

Brittle nails alone can be indicative of a possible
Iron deficiency, multiple minerals deficiency, thyroid
problems or impaired kidney’ function and/or
circulatory problems.

A Vitamin B12 deficiency or anemia can be detected
by dark nails and/or thin, flat spoon-shaped nails. Also
can be detected when nails turn gray or dark when the
hands are placed in chemicals such as household
cleaning products or bleach.

Then there is the downward-curved nail ends that may
let you know there is a liver, heart or respiratory problem.

If you detect bumps or lumps (called beading) that just
appear on the nail surface, you may have impending
or full blown rheumatoid arthritis.

Ridges can indicate poor nutrient absorption, and/or
Iron deficiency. Those ridges could mean there is a
kidney problem also indicate a tendency to develop
arthritis if they are vertical ridges. Then the ridges
running horizontal can result from stress, either/or
psychological or physical as in the case of disease or

Nails that chip, peel, crack or break easily show a
General overall nutritional deficiency and insufficient
hydrochloric acid and protein. This is seen in people
who use antacids on an ongoing basis or eat foods
low in nutrients. This calls for total minerals and
Vitamins at triple the RDA’s.

Pitting red-brownish spots with frayed split ends are
indicative of psoriasis. Also requires Vitamin C, folic
acid and protein needs.

Black splinterlike bits under the nails can be a sign of
1. A serious heart infection called endocarditis 2. and/or
other heart disease. 3.possible bleeding disorder.

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