Insomnia Fighters – How To Go Back To Sleep When You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night


When you wake up in the middle of the night, it may be for one of several reasons of which you are not aware:Perhaps you unconsciously became hungry during the night.You may have too much covering on and not realize it. Being too warm may make you just uncomfortable enough to wake you and keep you awake, yet not uncomfortable enough for you to know why you awoke.Maybe you are not physically tired—maybe you -went to bed too early. Don’t think it’s necessary for you to have eight hours (or any other particular amount) of sleep every single night.

SOLUTIONIf hunger is the cause of your awakening, get up and take a light snack, such as crackers and warm milk. Food will bring the blood from your head to your stomach. Get into bed, turn off the light and do the ABC Round Robin and the Sleep Exercise. You will find that you will quickly go back to sleep.If you are hot, take off any excess covers and make sure you are comfortable. Do the ABC Round Robin and the Sleep Exercise and you will drift off to sleep.If you cannot sleep and are not hungry or uncomfortable, turn on the light and read a book, provided it does not disturb the other occupant of the room. Make sure it is not an exciting book. Read until your eyes feel tired. Then turn out the light, relax in a comfortable position and start to do the ABC Round Robin and the Sleep Exercise. In most cases, you will find that long before you have completed the Exercise you will have drifted back to sleep.

You may be allowing for more sleep than you really need. If this is the case you can go to bed later and still get plenty of sleep.

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