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Hooray! So now you are leaving the hospital after confinement. Before you gather up your friends to celebrate your escape, er, discharge from the monotonous hospital routine, be very sure first if you will still be need some home medical supplies on an ongoing basis…

What supplies?! Well, home medical supplies such as catheters, lubricant, gloves and so on. If you have a continuous need of these things, make it a point to give time and effort in acquiring these home medical supplies. It is a crucial part in your road to recovery. To ensure that, it is important that you select a home medical supply vendor before you are discharged from the hospital. This is in order to have your care manager coordinate with a variety of medical supply vendors and discuss possible options for you. Your nurse will also be able to help your care manager in determining the medical supplies you will still need.

Then, all you and your family need to do is setti9ng up the medical supply order with the selected supply vendor before discharge. Get the help of your care manager for this, still.

Here are some important points to consider in selecting a vendor:

  • The types of third-party payors, like insurance, Medicare, and/or Medicaid, the vendor accepts. Practicality wise this is important as you may always not have cash payment for them and have medical insurance premiums that you can maximize.
  • Consider to have the vendor bill directly to the third-party payor you have directed them or if not, know the paperwork to be done in paying for the supplies for you to be reimbursed.
  • Ensure that the vendor will provide services to complete the paperwork and contact your doctor on a regular basis to renew your order, especially if Medicaid is involved
  • Know if they carry a full line of quality supplies
  • Know if they will be able to supply quantities needed from stock or if you still have to wait for special orders.
  • Find out if they are conveniently located and if they offer free delivery
  • Know what convenient hours are for you if you are to pick up the items. Find out if parking is available in their place and if the building is accessible.
  • It may be good for you to have one medical supply vendor to get both supplies and medications
  • Make sure that you and your care manager knows who previously used this vendor and get recommendations
  • Most especially, since this involve money matters for you, know if their prices are competitive.
  • Be aware if there is a full-time customer service staff to help you further along with your care manager.

So that’s about the important points you need to keep in mind in selecting a medical supply vendor… Well, for getting home — happy homecoming! Be sure to have complete medical supplies at home with you to avoid further complications.-30-

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