How To Locate An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In California


Alcohol rehab in California refers to the centers that helppeople in California to get rid of the menace ofalcoholism.

Prevalence of alcoholism is increasing in Californiatherefore more people are looking for Alcoholrehabilitation facilities in California.

However, it is necessary that you look for reliable andexperienced rehabilitation services in California forfaster and effective results.

Alcohol rehab in California and for that matter any otherplace, depends upon the selection of the right center. Thisis mainly because there are no set rules for alcoholrehabilitation program and the results vary from individualto individual.

This is the reason why selection of the right alcohol rehabcenter in California is important because a wrong selectioncan jeopardize the outcome.

Hundreds of centers are offering alcohol rehabilitation inCalifornia. Here are the details of some of the leadingfacilities offering alcohol rehab programs in California.

Harmony Place California

The Harmony Place is a premier residential treatment centeroffering alcohol rehabilitation services in California.This center provides multidimensional alcohol treatmentprograms customized to suit your need.

This centre provides treatment based on the physical,psychological, emotional and spiritual resources for apurposeful and fulfilling life. Integrating mind, body andspirit is the overall mission for alcohol rehab program ofthis Californian center.

Support Systems Homes California

Support Systems Homes (SSH) provides innovative and cost-effective treatments for alcohol rehabilitation inCalifornia since 1991. SSH provides a comprehensivestructure of accredited treatment programs for treatment ofalcoholism.

This center offers services such as accrediteddetoxification, residential, day and outpatient treatmentas a part of alcohol detoxification. SSH treatment aims atlong-term abstinence and teaches new methods to managevarious issues of life. It addresses all aspects of lifethat is altered by alcohol.

The Camp Recovery Center

The Camp Recovery Center is located in the majestic redwoodforests of Northern California. The Camp’s program offerscomplete service from detoxification to residential (in-patient) and outpatient substance abuse treatment as wellas continuing care and online rehabilitation services.

The Camp adopts a treatment approach called 12-stepinvolvement. The 12-step philosophy includes diseaseconcept, group therapy, art and recreation, education,individual treatment planning and relapse prevention.

Oasis Treatment Center

The Oasis Treatment Center offer treatment of alcoholismthrough a therapeutic setting that helps you to build asolid foundation for recovery and unity with in society.This centre offers 30, 60, 90-day treatment programs inthree structured phases.

Azure Acres

Azure Acres specializes in providing adult chemicaldependency treatment services. This center providesfacilities such as partial hospitalization/Day treatment,Non-hospital residential (24 hour) as a part of alcoholrehabilitation program.

Besides there are many more centers offering alcohol rehabservices in California. You can select the one depending ontheir treatment approach, accessibility, friendliness ofstaff and the cost for alcohol rehab programs.

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