How to Handle Christmas Before it Handles You

How to Handle Christmas Before it Handles You

Ahh,How to Handle Christmas Before it Handles You :) Articles the Holidays gotta love it. Family, fun, presents, and food! I guess you probably knew where that was going… 🙂 Yes, we can’t escape it but we can handle it…this months tip will show you just how to do that.

Many dread the holidays because of this fact…turkey, stuffing, chocolates you name it we’ll eat it! No matter how strong a persons will power is they’ll usually succumb to temptation. I will share with you some different ideas and perspectives on how to survive the onslaught of ‘fearless feeding’ most of us will partake in.

The first approach most will try is to lose the weight before the holidays. Sure, this approach is great but you have to be careful 1. That you avoid crash diets to get there and 2. You do not overcompensate during the holidays.

Let’s start with number one. If you lose the weight too fast just so you can ‘look good’ for the holidays or maybe to possibly eat more you will no doubt put the weight back on. Your body is used to a ‘set weight’ and will be starving for nutrients. You’ll usually blow up like a balloon and will be in the same situation (or worse) than when you started.

Number two, if you have dieted long and hard do not use this as a license to take in massive amounts of calories over too long a time…you’ll just undo what you set out to do. Set in your mind from the start how long you plan to eat ‘freely.’ Maybe a week? You should know yourself over time what you can and can’t get away with…above all it’s only natural that ‘treating’ less days than you don’t will be measured with success, it’s just in the odds…use common sense.

Thirdly, the next group is those who are already dieting… If you are going to try and keep losing during the holidays…don’t. You’ll only be torturing yourself watching everyone else enjoy themselves. If you are doing particularly well just take a break and maintain during the holidays. Don’t go over your body maintenance level everyday and you should be fine. You’ll be able to eat more but at the same time you won’t be eating too much in order to gain back what you’ve worked so hard to take off.

These same general principles also apply to those who haven’t started a program yet. It might be a good idea to wait, especially at the beginning of a diet because you’ll need greater will power. But do not make your situation worse. You can then get your revenge after the holidays!

In summary, just keep a clear head and you will see everything in perspective. Write your goals down, make a plan, draw charts in order to ‘see’ that it won’t be that bad…whatever it takes. Then you will be able to enjoy the holidays…guilt free!

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