Holistic Junction Explains Why Healing Arts and Massage Schools are Vital to the Medical Community


With over 2 million consumer hits monthly, and 13,000+ page views per day, Holistic Junction discovered the crucial need for promoting Healing Arts and Massage Schools for several reasons.

Opening the doors for opportunity one student at a time, Holistic Junction believes in preserving fundamental health care portal to prospective students and future healthcare providers by creating a community-based site founded on the principles of attaining overall wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.

A holistic approach, Holistic Junction understands core values in achieving and maintaining a holistic lifestyle that provides essential nourishment for complete physical, mental and emotional health.

Holistic Junction holds high regard to alternative medicine as it is comprised of a broad and unique spectrum of techniques, modalities and medical systems based on varying cultures and even ancient healing therapies.

According to the World Health Organization, alternative medicine (also known as ‘traditional medicine’) is increasing in use and popularity. In China alone, herbal preparations account for 30-50% of overall medicines. Additionally, in Europe, North America and other industrialized regions, over 50% of the population have used complementary or alternative medicine. 158 Million Americans used complementary medicines in the year 2000 itself. Overall, the findings of the World Health Organization also show that the global market for herbal medicines presently generates over $60 Billion annually and is on the rise.

So why does Holistic Junction promote alternative, healing arts and massage schools? Holistic Junction understands how the world is continually evolving into a newer, efficient and more health-enhanced society. By providing a venue for safe, effective and affordable alternative treatments through higher education and training programs’ support, Holistic Junction educates general public on alternative methods by increasing knowledge of alternative, healing arts and massage schools via interactive communications.

More than just a promotional directory, Holistic Junction is a unique web-based community of people and businesses from all around the globe who aspire to and believe in positive spirituality, higher consciousness, healthy living and environmental awareness. Thus is the reasoning why Holistic Junction supports and promotes cognizance of these basic, but highly effective training programs and schools.

Holistic Junction is designed to allow individuals not only to find the appropriate alternative, healing arts and/or massage school, it is truly a wonderful and affordable ‘family’ portal that is geared toward issues dealing with the ‘whole’ and positive pathway to holistic insight and information.

To learn more about Holistic Junction’s Alternative, Healing Arts or Massage Schools, please feel free to stop by.

For more information about Alternative, Healing Arts and/or Massage Schools, contact ladycamelot@hosliticjunction.com

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