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Herbal Menopause Remedy Menopause is a transition that marks the stop of menstruation. Although this is a life change which should be embraced as another stop in life’s natural stages, some women’s experience with menopause has more to do with pain and discomfort. Since the 1960’s physicians have prescribed estrogen supplements to reduce hot flashes and other menopausal problems. However, as with most drugs, hormonal therapy is not without risk. There is, in fact, an increased incidence of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stroke, heart attack, and uterine fibroids. According to scientific research and observation, many women get as much relief from vitamins and herbal remedy as they do from hormonal drugs.

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Herbal Menopause Remedy Products we recommend include:

Menocore – Menocore is a botanical alternative medicine formulation which contains a blend of all natural herbal extracts developed to ease the transition and provide effective Menopause Symptoms Relief from the onset and duration of typical menopausal symptoms. Menocore has been developed as a natural alternative support product, formulated with the best-known combination of high-potency phytoestrogen botanicals which have a long empirical history of relieving menopausal symptoms, and supporting the body’s hormonal balance.

Triatone – The ingredients of Triatone: Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Licorice Root, Chasleberry, and Isoflavones – Have all been proven to help reduce hot flashes associated with menopause. Soy ingredients such as these, help produce isoflavones which have similar properties to human estrogen. Isoflavones can bind to the body’s estrogen receptors and help offset the drop in estrogen that occurs during menopause.

MellowPause – While soy has been shown to have positive effect on hormone balancing, MellowPause’s combination of ingredients make it effective for not only hormone balancing, but helps with other menopausal symptoms such as irritability, mood swings and insomnia.

Menopause is the point at which a woman stops ovulating and menstruation ceases, indicating the end of fertility. Menopause is as natural a progression in life as puberty. For most women, natural hormone production begins to slow down when they reach their thirties, and continues to diminish as they age. Many women experience few if any symptoms during this time but others may suffer from some or all of the following; anxiety, dry skin, fatigue, feelings of bloating, headaches, heart palpitations, hot flashes, insomnia, irritability decreases interest in sex, loss of concentration, mood swings, night sweats, reduces stamina, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and itching and weight gain.

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