Heart Problems? Are You at Risk?


Whether we like it or not, our bodies are under constant attack from toxins, in our food, the water we drink and from the very air we breath. Many of these, harmful heavy metals, such as Mercury, Cadmium and Lead can build up as plaque in the bloodstream, leading to the narrowing of the arteries ( known as Atherosclerosis). This in turn can lead to all sorts of problems and in many cases, drastic surgery to bypass blocked arteries. Chelation Therapy is a method of drawing toxins from the circulatory system. The word Chelation is derived from the Greek word “chele” meaning “to claw”.

Chelation ( Pronounced Key-lay-shon) therapy has been used by doctors since the 1930’s, utilising a synthetic amino acid known as EDTA ( Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) to great effect in binding the offending heavy metals and releasing them out of the body through the urine.

Chelation Therapy is considered to be an effective first step alternative to surgery for Atheroslerotic Vascular disease. In some cases deeming bypass surgery unnecessary. This therapy ( like bypass surgery and angioplasty) is based upon a scientific rationale and is of measurable benefit to patients. Positive results have been seen in hundreds of thousands of cases where this treatment has been used.

However, Intravenous Chelation Therapy is a long, tedious and expensive process and not suitable for all.

There is an alternative. The Original Oral Chelation Formula #1, developed by a leading nutritionist in the USA is now available in the UK.

The Original Oral Chelation has been used safely and effectively for 20 years. It consists of Royal Jelly, unprocessed honey, natural Vitamin C, B12 and Honeybee Pollen. The Original Oral Chelation contains one very important synthetic ingredient in oral chelation, EDTA. The most effective forms of chelation, ( oral or intravenous) utilise a synthetic amino acid, called EDTA to remove toxins, specifically heavy metals, from the circulatory system. (Think about the Mercury leaking into your systems from Amalgam filling). Amalgam fillings contain more than 50 per cent Mercury – a highly toxic heavy metal. Mercury is more poisonous than Lead. When it is released in the body it can settle in the central nervous system , kidneys, brain and other organs.

The Original Oral Chelation ( Formula #1) has the benefit of the EDTA, is in Royal Jelly and Natural Honey. Your body sees this formula as food so you absorb it quickly, almost as quick as IV.

How does The Original Oral Chelation compare to IV chelation therapy? A session of IV chelation therapy can last 3 hours, 30 to 40 treatments are generally required costing $3000 – $6000, and must be supervised by an M.D. It is high cost, there is a risk of infection, it takes a long time.

The Original Oral Chelation uses raw unpasturised honey to carry and deliver EDTA. Uses the richest natural source of B Vitamins from fresh Royal Jelly. Take 1 – 2 tablespoons daily. Also available in softgels. Use in the privacy of your own home. It tastes great and costs as little as $0.50 – $1.00 per day.

Regain and maintain heart health with Original Oral Chelation Formula #1. Effectively binding to harmful heavy metals and helping to remove them from the bloodstream. Tens of thousands have benefitted from this life-changing dietary supplement.

You owe it to your heart. Why not try a bottle Today and start feeling the benefit. Available in liquid or softgel capsules.

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