Healing SOS – Where it is all about health

Healing SOS - Where it is all about health

This website (http://www.healingsos.com)is dedicated both to alternative medicine and all the natural healing arts of the past and of the future.

Optimum health occurs on all levels of our being,Healing SOS   -  Where it is all about health... Articles physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

‘Healing Guide – The Big Picture’ is the most comprehensive health care software ever designed for anyone to use – cheap and affordable, user friendly, enjoyable with beautiful graphics and music, with various self-diagnosing tools giving detailed explanations and information on natural remedies – with 4200 links and illustraitons it proves how everything works together, body mind and soul.

You are about to take a journey that will change your outlook on life forever.
A healthy body = a healthy mind = healthy emotions = a joy to live!
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Remember – we are all in control of our emotions. You have to ‘think’ (mentally) something before it becomes and emotion! A healthy brain manifest healthy thoughts that create healthy emotions.
All emotions are carried via hormones to every cell in your body!
Featured in the ‘Healing Guide’:
The Study Guide:
Understand your Body:
As our thoughts, emotions and foods create chemical reactions within the body cells, our biology can be altered by what we think, feel and eat. To transform the patterns of the past you must know what they are made of.
The principles of Naturopathy:
The concept of naturopathy explains the need for understanding bodily symptoms and promotes natural treatment such as herbal remedies that contains vital life force.
The principles of Chinese medicine:
The principle of Chinese medicine justifies the “Self-diagnosis – Meridian system” healing method discussed. It also proves that Naturopathy and Chinese medicine are based on the same understanding and ultimate goal of restoring balance within the body.
The Physical body:
The major organs, systems and glands are explained together with connections to the energy bodies.
The Energy body:
Each layer of the aura and charkas are discussed together with the connection and affect it has on the physical body.

Healing Methods:
Symptom Sorter A-Z:
The reason for adding this section is not to treat symptoms, but rather acts as a guide towards understanding what nutritional shortages or stress factors the body is trying to communicate.
Visual Symptoms:
An imbalance within the physical or energy bodies can be detected by behavior patterns or abnormal appearances.
Self-diagnosis – The Meridian System:
This is a major step towards self-empowerment where the reader is provided with tools for self-diagnosis and healing. This procedure guides you to the origin of the problem – the organ that is depleted, toxic or in need of attention.
Bach Remedies:
‘Bach remedies’ consist of subtle vibrations and also heal on these levels. As this is a private healing mechanism between yourself and your soul, follow the guidelines to find a suitable remedy.
Astrology and Health:
Each Zodiac sign is uniquely formulated with astrological information, planetary influence, health matters and natural remedies. See what planet rules your sign and learn more about its good and adverse aspects, in what house of the zodiac it resides as well as the elemental influence.

Nutritional supplements:
The benefit of each vitamin is discussed in detail, together with complementary vitamins and minerals required for optimum utilization.
The benefit of each mineral is discussed in detail, together with complementary minerals and vitamins required for optimum utilization.
Semi-essential Nutrients:
Semi-essential nutrients (such as Spirulina) are discussed, pointing out their benefits and uses.
Tissue Salts:
All 12 biochemical tissue salts are discussed, together with symptoms caused by shortages and each Zodiac sign it benefits the most.
Herbal Remedies:
Herbal Remedies A – Z are included. Each herb discussed points out the benefits and cures it is used for. The botanical names are also given.

The Workshop:
Sit back and enjoy a meditation and mantra workshop in your own time and space. The music included was especially created for the Healing Guide for obtaining maximum benefit during each exercise. Exact musical keys were used to create the required vibrations.

How Everything Is Connected:
In this section everything is brought together. Connections between the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and planetary aspects are all captured to point out how everything works in unison.
These are excellent diagrams for future studies and discoveries

The Moon Diet:
As the moon travels through the heavens for a period of 2½ days per month, the energy of each planet is amplified and affects us on all levels.
This unique method was designed to return to the natural flow of nature by tuning into the moon cycle. To achieve this, various methods are used to ensure that the body has all the required nutrition and that the subtle bodies receive the necessary attention:
No physical problem can manifest if the subtle bodies consist of high vibrational energy.
The physical body cannot become a breeding place for bacteria when the pH is balanced.
By achieving this, we allow faster cell vibration through higher energy frequencies entering our being. Once our cells start vibrating at the rate it did 20 years ago, we can only look and feel 20 years younger!
The section “Elemental Influence and the moon cycle” explains the negative cycle of events that is taking place within us. It describes how these negative energy patterns are moved from one subtle body to the other until it manifest within the physical body, that in return reports back as symptoms.
For more detail on each subject described above – go to http://www.healingsos.com/Page.php?Page=Introduction. Click on each banner to view an online video of the topic as well.
ALL this information is compiled into one software program:
800Meg Information
4200 Links
18 original music compositions.

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