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What does it take to heal from a chronic illness? Why do some people heal from the very same chronic illness that plaques you, but you can’t seem to get that very same healing? I have been asked this question time and time again in my three years working with others as a natural healer. I can tell right away when talking to a person for only a few short moments whether or not they have the proper Attitude towards healing. I can ask one very simple question to that person and that question is this: Who is responsible for your health? If their answer to me is “I am”, wonderful, that is the perfect Attitude!

Sadly, I also receive “My Doctor” for an answer. Often times the first thing that needs to be healed is a persons Attitude towards who is responsible for their health. To even begin the thought of healing one must lose all fear, all past teachings, all past habits, and all past attitudes that has brought them into the situation of chronic illness. These past remembrances will keep you bound where you are until you learn to change your attitude. When we use the word “Attitude” many people will automatically become offended, but all it merely means is a mental position that one has of him or her self. In order to heal a chronic illness one must change the mental position. No person can be helped unless they are willing to accept that help. No person can heal unless they are willing to make changes. Change brings change and nothingness brings nothingness. When a person is ready to heal he or she will make changes and will alter their attitude so that the healing can take place.

To achieve healing you must be mentally prepared to make the necessary changes to receive it. In addition, you must believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. If I were to have listened to the doctors that had treated me for the chronic condition that I had suffered with (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) I would of never have healed from that condition because I was told by them that there was no cure. I did not take that for an answer, nor should you. I am of living proof that the condition I suffered with could be cured. Am I any different from others who suffer from the same or other chronic condition? No, anyone can heal from a chronic illness, it is your right to do so, no one has to be ill. The body can and will heal itself when given the means to do so and is not blocked by our wrong doing. It all comes back to the attitude issue; you must maintain a positive attitude towards healing to achieve it.

You are responsible for you own health, a natural healer can only teach, you have to be a willing student to make the changes necessary. It is not wrong to seek out a natural healer as a teacher and guide, however; only you can apply what is taught to you and make the changes necessary.

Knowledge is power, learn it, use it, and apply it to your life to achieve healing. Attitude is everything, change it and apply the changes in your life necessary to heal. Make your attitude, your “mental position” a positive one to get the results. A positive attitude is a healing attitude! The choice is yours to make.

I wish all of you Much Love and Healing,

Barbara Collins

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