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The wheelchair has become a disabled people’s best friend. It has become a part of the everyday activities of the disabled. At least, it lessens the burden and suffering that they feel whenever they’re in their wheelchairs. At least, they’re able to do the usual stuff that they do. But then, one drawback of these wheelchairs – esp. the manually-operated ones – they don’t work best in inclined places. In this instance, wheelchairs cause a rollback because they cannot be controlled well.

For your information, folks, this problem has already been solved. With the introduction of Easy Climb, our disabled loved ones will not need much effort to get through inclines. What’s with Easy Climb that it has become one of the most sought-after products in the wheelchair industry?

According to the article “Easy Climb” by Yuelin which was posted on December 30, 2004 at www.coolbusinessideas.com, Easy Climb is an incline anti-rollback system for wheelchairs, developed to fill a need for manually-operated wheelchairs to negotiate inclines without roll-back. It will allow extra freedom to wheelchair users, help to conserve their energy, increase their safety, and lower their frustration level as they negotiate inclines. An increase in self-sufficiency for wheelchair users will be obtained by using it as there will be less need for assistance when operating on inclines.

Easy Climb is a hub-mounted bi-directional, anti-rollback for manual wheelchairs. It has three- position shift lever for anti-rollback that works in forward, reverse or neutral for normal wheelchair operation. It is adaptable to almost all makes of chairs by modifying the axle attachment and fits within dimensional confines of wheelchairs. Moreover, it silent, friction- free and has a light weight.

How does Easy Climb work? Well, it operates quietly and efficiently, adds very little weight, adds small percentage to overall cost, and fits in the established confines of wheelchair design. One good thing about it is that it’s readily adaptable to wire spoke design or cast wheel and spoke design. It can also be fitted to many designs of wheelchairs by modification of axle in respect to its attachment method to the wheelchair. Quite impressive, right? Definitely!

Wow, this is really great news for all wheelchair users! Thanks to H.R. Helm, the inventor of Easy Climb. I appreciate your concern for the disabled. I know how hard it is for them to go through inclined places. Easy Climb is certainly the answer to this difficulty!

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