This is about giving blood. Think of all the men and women who are gay out there!!! There are lots. Think of the population without gay men and women? There is fewer… BUT!

If a straight women gives blood,GIVING BLOOD Articles and a straight man gives blood, its fine. But what happens if one of them have a sexually transmitted infection or aids?

As I am aware gay men are cannot give blood if they have had sexual contact? Do they screen all blood when its given???? A gay man could have had sex, but not picked up anything! Is it cause they think the genetic information in the blood is GAY???

If the health service want blood so MUCH, then there are perfectly willing gay men and others who want to give blood who are not allowed to. Why stop them from giving blood, which is a very LARGE community, and then complain alot about not receiving enough blood.

Your there lying on the table nearly dying and the last blood that will keep you alive is a gay man whos is willing to give his clean blood to him, even though he has had sex! Would you let him die, or even worse, would you reject the offer to stay alive?

WHoever has other points of view about this explain them and get them voiced!!!!

MMMMMM Angry or what!!!

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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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