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Parry Nutraceuticals has been synonymous with the food supplement Spirulina for many years now. One does remember the numerous press advertisements, all in patent yellow predominantly, putting forth to the public the virtue of this algae. But did you know that Parry’s Spirulina is the result of twenty years of intensive research in micro-algal technology?

It started off as an initiative for providing nourishment for the under privileged village children and became a committed movement for ushering in better health, on a far larger scale. Scientific cultivation processes and stringent quality checks ensure that Parry’s Spirulina is the best available internationally. The rich green colour due to a far higher presence of Chlorophyll-A offers non-contestable proof. If you notice, Parry’s Spirulina is mild to taste and has a better odour.

The product meets all international food safety and quality guidelines like the USFDA, JHFA and European health food standards. Each batch is regularly analysed at the in-house labs. Parry’s Spirulina is also analysed in various international labs such as SGS at frequent intervals. The production facilities adhere to good manufacturing practices and has obtained the GMP / Sanitation certification from the Department of Health & Preventive Medicine. The production facility also has the critical PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration) license.

Parry Nutraceuticals ( is part of the US$ one billion Murugappa Group and is one of the best sources of micro algal health supplements and other speciality products. Parry Nutraceuticals products include Micro Algal Products like Organic Spirulina, Natural Mixed Carotenoids and Astaxanthin apart from Natural Lutein Esters, Tea Extracts – Green / White and Other Speciality Offerings.

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