Facing Sun Effects


A secret has been revealed in the news over the past few weeks. I
was a part of that secret. What was the secret you ask? Men are
now using skin care products as a part of their daily activities!

I started a few months ago due to something I learned about
myself. I had my picture taken. Not just a standard picture. I
had my picture taken with a special ultraviolet camera and light
that shows damaged skin due to excessive sun exposure. First they
took a picture of my face with standard light. Although not a
flattering picture, it looked like I expected. Then they took a
picture of my face with the ultraviolet light. What did I look
like? I looked like I had a face FULL of freckles. Only these
freckles weren’t the cute ones that would have showed up in the
first picture. They showed that I have a significant amount of
sun damage. I guess my early years of working and playing outside
all summer long with little or no sun protection is catching up
with me.

It is common knowledge that sun damaged skin will cause premature
signs of aging skin (wrinkling, “leathery” appearance and feel,
etc.) as well as being a cause of skin cancer. So, I decided to
do something about it. One of those things is to take better care
of my skin. I am using skin care products that have a sunscreen
built in. These same products also contain enzymes that can help
speed cell renewal in sun damaged skin.

Yes, the secret is out. I am using skin care products every day.
My wife says my complexion is also better because of it. I look
forward to having my picture taken in the future. Maybe my
complexion isn’t the only thing that is improving.

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