Expanding on Scalp Extensions – A Step-by-step Look into the Procedure


A scalp extension is a method of scalp reduction that has two purposes in the field of hair restoration:

1) To stretch the hair-bearing areas of the scalp and allow them to cover the reduced bald section of the scalp.

2) To act as a damage control technique by loosening a scalp that has been pulled too tight during the scalp reduction procedure.

A scalp extension makes use of a surgical device called the Frechet Extender that consists of two rows of hooks connected by broad-based elastic bands. The tool is placed just beneath the surface of the scalp and forces the skin to loosen and stretch over the scalp. This operation facilitates the process of scalp reduction.

Scalp extensions are performed in 2 steps:

1. The first step involves attaching the Frechet Extender to the under surface of the scalp. The device is left in place for approximately 4 weeks during which time the skin gradually stretches and loosens in preparation for the scalp reduction surgery.

2. After the 4-week period, the bald scalp is cut into a specific pattern and the hair-bearing portions of the scalp are easily pulled together and sutured.

The entire process takes about 2 months to complete. If you are opting for a scalp reduction procedure to remedy your hair loss, then the scalp extension has the advantage of making the scalp reduction procedure as simple and comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

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