Excessive Fat kills

Excessive Fat kills

In this new century,Excessive Fat kills. Articles news media are finally aware that
America’s major health problem is obesity. Excess weight
not only contributes to almost every health risk, it can
actually multiply the risk factors, including those from
tobacco. It has already been reported that tobacco causes
more deaths than AIDS / HIV, maternal mortality, automobile
accidents, homicide and suicide combined, yet obesity makes
the risks even higher.

You don’t have to be 300 pounds overweight for fat to be
harmful. Being “pleasingly plump” or even leaner can be
enough to increase your risks of various ailments, such as
cancers, diabetes, heart disease, memory loss, menopause,
osteoporosis, PMS, stroke.

Just substituting margarine for butter is not enough,
especially if the spread is made with hydrogenated oils or
“trans fatty acids”.

Good fats, the “essential fatty acids” that the body can not
make, can be found in fish, nuts, soy and other foods. For
most fats, if you have none in your diet, your body will
make what it needs.

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