Elina Fedotova: High Skin Care

Elina Fedotova: High Skin Care

Immigrating to the U.S. from Russia with her husband in 1991,Elina Fedotova: High Skin Care Articles Elina Fedotova found herself smack-dab in the middle of the Deep South. “When I came over to Mississippi, no one knew what a health food store was. I couldn’t even buy chamomile tea!” Elina said, with a light, infectious laugh. “Of course, that was before the big natural revolution. Now it’s everywhere.”

As her husband, Igor Fedotov–a renown viola player–followed career opportunities, they ended up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where a music professorship opened up at the Western Michigan University. Elina hit the ground running, converting a charming residence into a laboratory/spa for her therapeutic skin treatments and research.

Elina trained in Moscow in herbology and cosmetic chemistry at a center of natural healing in Moscow specializing in problem skin conditions using herbal therapy. Repulsed by what she found in modern cosmetic ingredient lists, Elina made it her mission to produce effective skin care products using only natural herbs and strictly non-toxic substances.

As her research progressed, Elina discovered liposome encapsulation during her studies in Sweden. Liposomes are microscopic scientifically-created spheroids of fatty acids with water-based solutions inside. These tiny spheres are allowed completely through the skin, where water-only solutions, or oil-based substances cannot penetrate. This is because the skin has what is known as a “phospholipid” membrane. This kind of barrier uses one of Nature’s supreme strategies for protection: oil vs. water. Under a microscope, phospholipids have a tiny water-containing orb, followed by a tail composed of fatty oils, or lipids, pulled together by molecules of phosphorous. These phospholipids line up tail to tail, repelling oil because of their water content, and repelling water because of their oil content. The idea is to put an herbal formula into the phospholipid’s orb, or “carrier bowl.” When skin contact is made, these herbal phospholipids immediately penetrate all layers of the skin.

“My products are truly transdermal,” cites Elina. “They go through the skin into the cellular level, and they can really impact the collagen. The majority of products on the market are not transdermal, and because of that they can’t have any serious effect. The skin is a protective organ, protecting you from everything–including cosmetics and skin care. Most products cannot penetrate deep enough. If they can’t get below the surface there is little effect. The majority of skin problems happen at the collagen level. If you don’t give support at that level, you don’t really get any anti-aging effect.”

Because this transdermal property of phospholipids is scientifically well-known, some companies make the transdermal claim when, in fact, all they have done is include outsourced plain liposomes in the formula as a separate ingredient. Thus, the formula never actually makes it through all layers of the skin. “They just put it in the formula–like, one percent or two percent–like an active ingredient–into their plastic formulation. It’s like drinking one teaspoon of coffee in a glass of water.” muses Elina. “My liposomes are carrying the entire blend of the formula listed on the label, so that’s a totally different effect. When you use a product like that over and over on the face, neck and body, you can take a blood test and find the herbs from the products. Because of that, I don’t ever use any toxic preservatives. I use natural ones. All of my products are emulsified with 100% soybean phospholipids, so I don’t use any other emulsifiers. It’s a very tight encapsulation that gives the good transdermal effect. Liposomes are like little carrier bowls. If you look at my products under a microscope you’ll see them as very tight and small.”

Bioenergized by Vital Force

After solving the skin penetration issue, Elina took her formulas to a whole other level, using Dr. Yury Kronn’s Vital Force subtle energy technology (the same technology used by products on this website). “I sent Dr. Yury some of the ingredients from my formulas to pull off the energies in each one,” says Elina. “I then put those energies in with the formula and it makes it a hundred times more active. Each of my products has a formula of several energies.”

Elina also treats hormonal skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. “You can’t penetrate it topically only. So Dr. Yury’s ionic mineral formulas for internal use, I find very, very helpful. I created protocols using my topical products and his minerals for internal use. I am the only company doing transdermal-bio-energized products. I am unique in that area.”

At Elina’s clinic, she offers a wide array of services: nutritional counseling, hot stone massage, craniosacral work, manicures and pedicures, herbal body rubs, salt glows, cold lasers, and will soon be doing consultations using such equipment as “EAV” or Vega Testing. “We will have everything a any spa has. We don’t take the skin as a separate part of the body. We treat the whole person. People initially come to us with skin problems, but there is usually something else going on. We have some clients that just want to be beautiful naturally–not with plastic surgery”

Elina has clients from ages 2 to 92. Parents bring their children with skin problems and allergies, and although most of her clientele are women, Elina also has a program for hair loss in men.

When asked what she feels is the Number 1 health problem in America, Elina says, “Diet. Because the skin is an eliminating organ. If you toxify the body, it’s going to come through the skin. The majority of skin problems are related to improper diet. I try to encourage my clients to avoid foods that are incredibly processed and high in fat and yeast. For example, even if you stay on a yeast-free diet for a week, rosacea and acne–just from diet–will see a difference.”

Elina is generous in exporting her well-earned knowledge. “For those people or businesses who want to use my products, I will train them for free,” She say. “I will show them how to make their own masks and treatment products. But what I’ve found is that if those people are concerned mostly about profit, it never seems to work. However, when someone comes from a spiritual or loving place, it is always successful. So I’m always looking for people who are healers, who have some depth. They are the best ones to work with.”

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