Don’t Loose Your Head over Health Care Worries

Don’t Loose Your Head over Health Care Worries

Not long ago, the Department of Agriculture proposed to control fire ants using an astonishing little creature called the DECAPITATING PHORID FLY. It takes less than a tenth of a second for a female fly to inject an egg into the ant’s midsection. When the egg hatches, the maggot crawls inside the ant, and – here comes the best (or should we say the most delicious?) part – EATS THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE ANT’S HEAD. Meanwhile, unsuspecting ant strolls along with its insides being devoured until its head falls off. Inside the detached head, the maggot turns into a fly, crawls out and looks around for more ants…

The preceding passage is not an excerpt from the “Bug’s Life” re-write by Stephen King,Don’t Loose Your Head over Health Care Worries Articles nor is it a script-pilot for the new Sci-Fi TV series called “InsX-Files”. At you can actually see an amazing video of phorid flies in action titled Good Flies Take on Fire Ants.

As gruesome as it is this genuine story rather accurately depicts the vulnerability of the 45 million people (15.4% of the population of the U.S.) who cannot afford timely medical help. They often face a daunting choice of (a) postponing their child’s next visit to the doctor or (b) jeopardizing their rent or mortgage in order to pay ever-increasing medical bills. Quite enough to loose one’s head, isn’t it? (So far only metaphorically, but judging by the media headlines describing current crisis within the healthcare industry “the worst is yet to come!”) Once faced with a serious health problem, the unfortunate ant from the story had no choice but to loose its head. Humans usually have more options.

Now you can choose from several non-insurance health care solutions that anyone can use to access the same networks of health care providers (for the same low negotiated rates!) that large insurance companies use. No long-term commitment is required on your part and the service is available for a modest monthly fee that is only a fraction of an average health insurance premium. Best of all, there are no pre-existing condition limitations, no waiting periods and no third party limiting the care you can receive or the specialists you are allowed to see.

If you do not have health insurance, are underinsured, have pre-existing conditions, or simply can’t afford high premiums – there is one question you should ask yourself right now. Are you waiting for your PHORID FLY to arrive?

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