Curing Cancer “The Cure”


Before Two Out Of Three Of Us Die From Cancer

Lifting the curse of the Big C. For years cancer has been seen as a death sentence and still brings out the fear of God in most of us today. We at Gen Cells Cures believe the tide is about to turn.

6 million people will die this year from a disorder that is often discussed in terms that make it seem less like a disease than an implacable enemy. What tuberculosis was to the 19th century, cancer has been to the 20th: an insidious, malevolent force that frightens people beyond all reason…far more than, say diabetes or high blood pressure and with good reason. In the year 1880, one in thirty developed cancer in their lifetime. In the 21st century, the figure is 1 in 2- shocking statistics! Unlike other killer dieases, cancer usually causes a slow death involving pain, suffering, mental anguish, and a feeling of hopelessness. In addition, the mental and physical stress it puts on loved ones and caretakers is beyond calculation.)

Cancer is a public health problem worldwide. It affects all people: The religious and the non-religious, The young and old, the rich and poor, men, women and children. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells that may affect almost any tissue of the body. Lung, colorectal and stomach cancer are among the five most common cancers in the world for both men and women. Among men, lung and stomach cancer are the most common cancers worldwide. For women, the most common cancers are breast and cervical cancer. More than 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer causes 6 million deaths every year. It’s the “Big C” that scares me personally. When my own cells start eating me alive I will eat, sleep and dream of a biomedical cure for this deadly killer. Too many people learn just how precious life is at the moment they discover their own is ending. Although I don’t believe I have cancer now. I’ll admit it, I have the fear of an early death from an incurable disease and cancer is number one on my fear list. It’s time to find “the cure”

A revolution is underway in cancer research and we hope to be at the forefront of the revolution while easing some of the fear of an early death from this deadly killer. Most cancers likes to get an early start with the average age to begin eating away at your healthy cells is about 55 years old, a particulary scary time for one Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures because I am about 55 years old! And the risk of cancer increases significantly more as we grow older. Two-thirds of the cancer being diagnosed today occurs after 65 years of age.

With over 200 types of cancer we hope to get our hands dirty with a couple types of cancer. By assembling some of the top scientific minds from around the world we hope to better understand the biology behind the disease and perhaps bring “the cure” for one or two forms of cancer from the bench to our individual patient’s bedside.

We think we can advance the ball of research a lot faster working in the carribean with our open petri dishes and without Big Brother looking over our shoulder. Why the carribean and not the good old USA where we are from? Simply put the United States is a forgotten territory in the scientific progress of stem cells . Our motto is “have michroscope will travel.” Sorry America, can’t work somewhere where scientists are burned at the stake or was that witches that were burned at the stake? Whatever, my company and I have packed up our michroscopes and left for higher ground. The US was once at the forefront of medicine and technology, research and innovation, cures and prevention. Now we can do more in a basement lab working offshore than we could ever do working back home. I hope President Bush is embarrassed when we find the cure for Cancer in a small third world island! We are so close we can smell the cure. Again we have been asked to research a particular cancer, which we feel we can cure with the right team of scientists and the leadership and management provided by Gerald Armstrong. By focusing on one patient at a time with our private, personalized cancer research we will prevail. The problem is one in the same here at Gen Cells Cures as it is at many biotechs around the world.

The best private biotechs simply lack the funding to do the research. Looking for private money is like pulling teeth. Many biotechs doing research just barely keep their doors open from month to month. Adding insult to injury we had to sease operations because we lost a million dollars in a bank scandel last year. Every penny of our start-up money was lost. Last year there were cumulative net losses of more than $40 billion for the industry’s public companies. Unless a biotech is billionaire backed like the Stowers Institute from Kansas City you better have a good night job. Scientists by day waiter at night, your eyes start to get a little blurry from the lack of sleep as you look for “the cure” with your magical michroscope the next day after a hard night at the restaurant!I thought it was movie stars who were waiters first, stars later, not scientists who are waiters first nobel prize winners later! Apart from the lack of funding we believe that the same kind of successful strategies used to make billionaires wealthy can also be applied to scientific research to make people healthy. It just takes the right team with the right leadership and a little prime the pump money to get some success flowing into the pipeline. Success is success whether it’s in love, money or health. We know that belief makes things happen and we will make it happen. Anyone know a billionaire who wants “the cure” besides the Stoweres from Kansas City? We want to go beyond current technologies which so often end with the word relapse and finally be able to say the words we have “The Cure.”

Article by Gerald Armstrong-
Gerald is the owner of Gen Cells Cures
Visit his group for information on the cure for incurable diseases and aging.
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