Cold Flu


Cold Flu Have you ever had a hard time shaking a cold/chest cold that is going around?

Often times I was take an oregano oil supplement and some homeopathics to help me fight it. when I get one.

I believe that “germs” are pleomorphic, that is they can change their form and go from being a virus to a bacteria, etc.This can happen inside your body, or you can pick things up from your environment. So the best thing is to stay in the alkaline pH range and support your immune system.

When shopping, if I know that a number of people have been sick, I put a plastic produce bag over the handle of the shopping cart I push around the grocery and health food store.

If ones immune system is down, shopping carts are a good place to pick up things that can make you ill. Germs, parasites, chemicals and such.

Keep this in mind for your little ones who have nothing to do but hang on to that bar while you shop. For them I have seen some really nice padded blankets you put inside the seat area and it goes over the handle, to protect them.

I really did not care if it looks funny or not when I use the bag. Actually, I’m surprised more people are not doing so. You might think to do this the next time other people are coughing and sneezing around you.

Make sure and wash your hands when you get home after shopping to keep from further spreading anything to yourself or your family. Some things can even be spread to your pets.

Prevention is always better than having to fight a chest cold, cold or flu.

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