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In brief, CODEX is the conspiracy of the major international drug cartel to control every drug, medication, herb, pill, remedy, etc., that we take, be it Echinacea tea or even the mint we grow in our back yard to add to our apple jelly when we do home canning. A link to information on CODEX appears at the bottom of this article, and if you value your local health food store and your ability to go to that store to purchase herbal dietary supplements and over-the-counter-remedies such as aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrups, throat lozenges, etc., then not only read on but take some positive action.

What makes CODEX so insidious is that it is now law in both Germany and Norway. At the present time, as an example, the limit to the vitamin C you can purchase is 30 each 50 mg tablet, a 1-month supply at 1-a-day, for the equivalent of $60 USD.

If you currently take any supplements or vitamins or natural health products your choices will soon dwindle to a handful of products and those left will be triple the price you pay now and be available only at useless dosages.

If you are Canadian, help us and your fellow Canadians by actively supporting your right to choice and your right to take care of your own body. If you are American, help your fellow Americans actively supporting your right to choice and your right to take care of your own body, and to keep CODEX out of the US – petition your federal congressmen and senators, petition your state representatives and senators, even petition the drug companies to help fight CODEX. And by all means, send this message to everyone on your email list – awareness is half the battle.

Please sign the Bill C-420 petition:

For more details on C-420 click here:

C-420 in pdf format:

What is CODEX and why would this drastically change how I use vitamins/minerals/supplements?

Once you understand how insidious CODEX is, and you understand that we must win this battle now, not this fall, not next year, but NOW, or we will have lost forever. Once the World Health Organization (WHO) succeeds in passing CODEX all signatory nations, under existing treaties, must make this “the law of the land” and our rights to go to the local health food store and choose our own alternative herbals and dietary supplements will be gone forever. Why? Because Canada and the US are signatories to WHO and must implement all such regulations into law.

Our only chance to defeat CODEX is to succeed in passing bill C-420 in Canada before the legislature takes their summer break. And in having such an uproar of the populace in the US that the US will not dare to try to implement CODEX. But it must be done now, not later.

For your personal nutritional needs, however, there remains a small hope and help: in the form of Bio88+ Plus.

The truly neat thing about Bio88+ Plus is that it is a complete, 100% vegetarian (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc) derived, organic greens food product which contains no herbs. Regardless of what happens with CODEX, our local Health Food Stores and our private Herb Gardens, Bio88+ Plus will continue to be available because it is a highly nutritious and complete food product full of vitamins and minerals, is not an herb product, and will not be affected by CODEX.

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