Circulatory Problems – Natural Solutions

Circulatory Problems - Natural Solutions

If our heart,Circulatory Problems - Natural Solutions Articles arteries and veins are lined with various waste products such as salts and fatty acids, then the volume of blood which can pass is diminished and the ability of these vessels to expand and contract is severely limited. Thus we have conditions such as arteriosclerosis, high and low blood pressure, heart blood flow deficiency and general circulatory deficiency.

Natural Effective Solutions:

1. Carefully observe guidelines for healthy eating. Avoid as much as possible cooked oils, white flour, meat, white sugar, and any foods, which have been over processed or have chemical additives.

2. Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits and a little raw unheated vegetable oil each day.

3. Occasional fasting helps to purify the blood vessels. One could fast on apples, pears or brown rice or do a juice fast for a few days. If one wants to do a longer fast, consult your doctor. Fasting on grapes is considered one of the most effective ways to purify the blood.

4. Vitamins and antioxidants help with better circulation: A, C, E, and Lecithin, B complex (especially B3, B2).

5. Alternating Hot and cold baths help the blood flow to penetrate into all parts of the body. In general finishing with a cold shower helps stimulate circulation. Consult your doctor as to whether this is for your specific case.

6. Dress warmly so as to allow your blood vessels to be relaxed and let blood flow.

7. Swimming in the sea all year long helps to keep the circulation flowing and the body vital. One must be regular. If you cease for a period of time, your body will loose its ability to adapt to the cold water in the winter.

8. Nettle tea and beating the extremities with nettles is a folk remedy for increasing circulation to the extremities. This may be painful while doing it, but it brings results.

9. Reflexology massage can be used to bring circulation to organs, which cannot be affected by other means. By massaging the reflex point on the bottom of the foot we are able to bring blood flow to the various interior organs, so as to revitalize them.

10. Swedish muscular massage can be used to bring better blood flow to the various extremities.

11. All forms of movement and activity are helpful, i.e. running, walking, dancing, swimming, playing, sports and exercising. These are a must for those with poor circulation.

12. Breathing facilitates the return of the blood through the veins to the heart. When we breathe deeply and slowly, we help the blood to return to the heart an also move the lymph through the system. Deep breathing every day is an essential for those with circulatory problems.

13. When we relax the blood vessels, our blood flows freely to the various parts of our body. We tend to obstruct the free flow of blood through unconscious tensing of the various muscles and also the blood vessels themselves. Relaxation is essential for healthy circulation. Perform «deep relaxation» daily, imagining the blood vessels opening and the blood flowing freely to the parts of the body which have insufficient circulation.

14. Various forms of heat, such as hot compresses, hot water bottles, and electric heating pads can be used to increase the circulation momentarily to various parts of the body.

15. Physical Exercises

a. The abdominal area is considered the «furnace» of the body, where heat and energy are produced. Sluggishness and tension in this area can impede our general flow of energies and also blood. Thus, you will need to do a number of exercises to stimulate and vitalize the area of the abdomen.

b. The endocrine system regulates our overall metabolism. You would do well to learn and employ specific exercises for rejuvenating and harmonizing the endocrine system.

c. Add other exercises for the various joints such as the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles and toes according to where you need better circulation. Even if our problems are located at the extremities such as with the fingers and toes, we have to open up all the other joints, which come before them. Although the symptoms may be in the extremities, the cause may be in one of the preceding joints. It is usually at the joints that the circulation gets blocked.

d. Ensure good circulation to the brain by lying on your back next to a wall and placing your feet up on the wall, so that the blood flows into the lungs gaining oxygen and then into the brain oxygenating and bringing nutrients to all the cells of the brain. This is essential for the pituitary and hypothalamus and thus for the endocrine and autonomic nervous system and thus for all bodily and mental functions.

16. Observe to see if emotional factors are involved. You may have an unconscious holding and a need for control of feelings or expression, which is also restricting the free flow of blood. If you are suppressing your emotions, learn to express them in effective and positive ways (without hurting others).

When we care for our body and mind, they serve us much more efficiently.

May you be well on all levels of your being.

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