Chronic prostatitis symptoms affect many men of all ages

Chronic prostatitis symptoms affect many men of all ages

What are typical chronic prostatitis symptoms?Chronic prostatitis symptoms are usually consist of general prostate pain including aching and burning during urination. Lower back pain or pelvic pain in the groin is also very common.

Chronic prostatitis usually falls into two main categories: abacterial or bacterial. Chronic prostatitis symptoms are usually chronic and treatment usually consist of antibiotics,Chronic prostatitis symptoms affect many men of all ages. Articles diet modifications, and stress reduction.

To see where the prostate is actually located, see image below.

Common Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

* Prostate burning or aching

* Swelling of prostate

* Painful urination and urgency

* Lower back pain

* Pelvic floor muscle pain

Treatment for chronic prostatitis symptoms usually includes antibiotics to reduce any infection that may be present. In a lot of cases, it may feel as though there is an infection, but it isn’t there.

Diet modification, hot baths and massage of the prostate gland can also give relief. All of these methods can bring great relief to chronic prostatitis symptoms. New studies are showing that the muscles around the prostate deep in the rectum (pelvic floor muscles), are usually very tight and have multiple trigger points or muscle knots.

When these points are pressed, pain is reproduced. It is important to get a thorough examination of the pelvic floor muscles because they may be the main cause.

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