Careening Radicals are Bouncing Around

Careening Radicals are Bouncing Around

Are you practicing prevention? Prevention is always better than spending thousands of dollars because of ill health!

Prevention starts with Vitamins along with liquid or powdered minerals! Without the proper amounts you are opening yourself up to free radicals! Reason why was noted as far back as 1936… See US Congress messaged at

Free radicals careen around wildly like unguided missiles,Careening Radicals are Bouncing Around Articles damaging everything they touch and causing a chain reaction of trauma. It is now well established that free radicals are a critical factor in many health problems, including hardening of the arteries, which can lead to conditions involving the heart, eyes and bone/joint health (Knight 1995) & (Cures, Robert Willix, M.D. 1994)

A most interesting fact about free radicals is that they cause the same reactions within cells that occur during exposure to radiation, and the results of these reactions are indistinguishable from those of natural aging (Riley 1994). Consequently, it has been suggested that certain compounds known to protect against radiation damage also would be useful antioxidants and may even be beneficial for increasing life span.

Free radicals are even suspect to be an important mechanism of aging; the more of them that are running amok, the greater the vulnerability of healthy cells. However, there’s a way to take back your power, up the odds in your favor and defeat this deadly force.

Free radicals are not always harmful; they’re used by the immune system to destroy many invading microorganisms. In bone and joint problems the body’s own antibodies begin to attack the joints, causing cellular damage, as they are unleashed by the body upon itself (Barber 1994).

But free radicals tend to react with cellular DNA, often causing the DNA strand to actually break. There is also strong evidence that FREE RADICALS may not only initiate DNA mutations, but also encourage damaged cells to multiply.

Dr. Denham Harman, M.D. PhD founder of Free Radical Theory of Aging feels that the free radical reactions play a significant role in the age-related deterioration of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Free radical reactions also may be significantly involved in the formation of the neuritic plaques associated with senile dementia of the Alzheimer type. In studies, these plaques were more prevalent in senile people than in those who were not senile. Studies are ongoing in that department.

Oxygen free radicals released in our bodies also destroy the proteins that are essential constituents of the body, regulate our hormones and enzymes and compose our nerves, muscles, skin and hair. In other words, those wrinkles that we fear are also the dirty work of oxygen free radicals. Created by both internal consumption of processed foods and external use of chemical laden products on our body.

Antioxidants can protect against free radical damage in the body. In fact, unusually low levels of such antioxidants are linked to an increased risk of damaged cell growths and heart problems. As a result it is believed that taking antioxidant vitamin supplements that “scavenge” free radicals can potentially decrease this risk.

Are you practicing prevention? Prevention is always better than spending thousands of dollars and ill health after the fact! Daily prevention includes taking a quality liquid, powder or capsule antioxidant compound twice daily or pick up each individual antioxidant form.

Antioxidants are Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene. These are found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables of which we are unable to get in sufficient quantities in our fruits and vegetables to keep our immune systems tuned up and keep us as well as we can be, according to the Congressional study done in 1936. See excerpt of Congressional report at

“Without your health you are nothing,” is a phrase often repeated to me by patients over the years and I believe them. You should too! So I wish you good health and success in all things.


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