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While the US government is arguing over the solutions about the rising costs of medications, many Americans still do not have access to their prescribed treatments. The newest brand name drugs are often the most expensive, and millions of Americans – especially elderly, have inadequate or no insurance coverage for drugs. Nearly a third of all Medicare beneficiaries have no financial protection for the costs of drugs, and 42% of those report not filling prescriptions for financial reasons.

Some Americans have decided to tackle the problem on their own. William Sinensky, a 68 year old retiree from California, is one of them. William is having a hard time paying for his medication – Bristol Meyer’s Pravachol, the most famous drug to reduce cholesterol levels. Costco pharmacy, one of the cheapest US pharmacies sells a 3 months supply of Pravachol (40 mg) for 360 dollars. That is over $1200 yearly just on one medication.

Having no insurance, William turned to Canada. There, he pays approximately $250 for the same amount of medications. First he traveled across the boarder, now he gets his Pravachol by mail from AffordableDrugs – one of the leading Canadian pharmacies offering discounted drugs to Americans. “I save approximately 400 dollars on Pravachol per year. I’ve tried several Canadian online pharmacies and finally, found the one that fits me. They are efficient and I trust them.”.

Just as William, municipalities and even states are turning to their northern neighbor.

According to the Council of State Governments, thirteen state and seven local governments have plans or existing programs to import or facilitate the importation of drugs from Canada.

Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle is encouraging seniors to order from Canada and trying to import cheap medications for themselves. Other states, importing medications from Canada, are Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Some local governments also encourage their citizens to turn to Canada for a solution. These cities include Boston (Mass.), Burlington (Vt.), Cambridge (Mass.), Montgomery (Ala.), Palm Beach County (Fla.)and Washington (D.C.).

With the reelection of George Bush, the final approval of the re-importation of drugs from Canada has never been farther. Health care costs are not a priority on the President’ agenda and many critics suggest that the new policies will only benefit the rich and the healthy. Unfortunately, the seniors and the underinsured will pay the price. The only helping hand comes from the Canadian pharmacies. “ I wish everyone knew how easy and safe it is to order from Canada” says William, “All this talk about how Canadian medications will kill us is simply the pressure tactics from the big pharmaceutical companies. Canadian pharmacies are just as good as my local pharmacy, if not better.”

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