Can I Get Affordable Dental Care?


In the United States most companies offer their employees dental insurance, but yet many do not. They slip through the holes of the system – the in-betweeners – that have to pay, but struggle to pay the out-of-pocket expenses.

The in-betweeners have two choices, go without any insurance, go to the dentist and take the full attack on their pocketbook, or don’t go to a dentist at all and just wait till the ax to fall. And it will – there is a 50-50 chance that a toothache will hit you, or if you’re married – your family.


There is more to Dental Health than a winning smile or avoiding that terrible toothache – it is important to your overall health. Let me give you one example.

Joe Smith has just learned that he has diabetes – how can diabetes affect his teeth. If you do not maintain dental health you can be at risk for:

  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • salivary gland dysfunction
  • fungal diseases
  • infections and delayed healing

These problems can be kept in check with preventive oral health care, 6 month or yearly cleanings.

It is easy to forget our teeth, gums and mouth, but they are definitely part of our physical health and well being. And with the help of a good dental health plan – you can prevent bone disease, gum disease and infections.


A discount dental plan can help you save money and keep your dental health in check. Dental Plans have 17+ National Plans that you can choose from—that will fit your budget and needs, and which is also offered within your state or area. For example:

GE Wellness Plan is offered in my area: The costs for the plans are:
$139.95 for single
$189.95 for family (Plus 3 additional months for free – promo)

Here are just some of the procedures – costs and your savings – (but not all)

ProcedureCost Your CostSvgs
Routine 6 Month Check-Up $35 $0 $35
In Depth Check-Up $58 $0 $58
Full Mouth X-Rays $101 $40 $61
– Four Films $44 $0 $44
Single Tooth
Extraction $114 $66 $48
Root Canal
– Anterior $500 $336 $164
Root Canal
– Bicuspid $595 $403 $192
Root Canal
– Molar $740 $491 $249
White Filling $110 $67$43

If you are single or a family, you have recouped your expenses in the first 6-month visit.

You can go to to take a look at the plans in your area.

One last thought, if you are on vacation, and you are in need of a dentist, all you have to do is call Dental Plans and they will direct you to a dentist that is under your plan – another great saver.

To conclude, preventive care is the best method to ensure dental health, as well as, preventing an outlay of large sums of money.

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